Dora episodi in italiano

Not Just for Kids! 8 Italian Cartoons to Help You Learn Italian

dora episodi in italiano

Trasmesso in italia: 1? febbraio Nel corso dei vari episodi altamente didattici, Dora e Boots, una scimmietta dagli stivali rossi, intratterranno i bambini, .

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One way to do this is to try watching Italian cartoons. They are not as hard to follow as drama series , comedies or news broadcasts, so even if you are a beginner at Italian, you can still benefit from watching them. Plus, how do you think genuine, native Italian kids learn to speak Italian? So by watching cartoons yourself, you are not only finding a lighthearted way to entertain yourself as you learn, you are learning in a natural way, just like a native speaker would. If they use a more complex word in a cartoon, they subsequently explain it in a way that a child can understand, which is exactly what an Italian language learner needs when they are still working on their vocabulary! They are specifically written for someone who is still learning about the world and everything in it, and by watching Italian cartoons as an adult, you can learn more about Italian culture and how they teach various subjects. This is actually a gimmick employed by cartoon companies to make their shows more memorable, but it helps you retain the lessons and vocabulary you learned while you were watching as well.

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