How to tie someone up

9 Tips For Bondage Beginners

how to tie someone up

Learn How to Tie a Handcuff Knot

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Many see bondage as an erotic art form while others view it as a means of self-defense. Whether you are practicing a way to keep your prisoner at bay or exploring sexual expression, tying someone up should always be performed with the utmost care and precision. What follows are some basic techniques for keeping a person bound up. Find four strands of rope varying in size from 6 to 8 feet in length. Use the longer pieces to tie your prisoner's upper legs and elbows together while using the shorter strands to bind their wrists and ankles. Lay your subject on the ground in the prone facedown position.

Read How to Tie Someone Up: A Guide for Knowing How to Successfully Restrain Someone from the story Aspiring by EvelynaKitty (???Stephi???) with .
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Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. Have you ever thought about tying your partner up with rope? Or being tied up yourself? It's a kink that more people than you'd probably think are interested in trying. But as intriguing as the thought of bondage is, it can also be pretty scary. There are so many questions when you first start out.

There are plenty of harmless reasons why you would want to tie someone up — maybe it's for a play, or maybe you're pulling a prank on your best friend for his bachelor party or even having some intimate fun with your partner. Although you should always be aware of the safety and comfort of the other person, tying someone up is relatively easy and makes for pretty good fun when done correctly. To create this article, 72 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed , times. Categories: Pranks Practical Jokes. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading

How to Tie Someone Up

Ever found yourself ordered to tie up that nasty hero and then you realize hey i never learned how to effectively tie someone up. You then end up just wrapping the rope around him and using overhand knots. He escapes and guess who just lost their job.

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    Wrap 4 to 6 coils around both wrists, leaving enough excess on both ends of the rope to complete the binding process. What is the best way to tie a necktie for someone who is short, so it doesn't hang down too far? What is the fastest and most effective way to tie someone's hands.

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    The goal is to have fun, but to do that you need to stay safe, sane and consensual, and communication is important.

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