Da vinales a cayo levisa

Cayo Jutias The best beach in Cuba

da vinales a cayo levisa

Cuba HD Havana, Trinidad, Vinales, Cayo Levisa

2017    cuore selvaggio puntata 4

Centro Havana. Playa Miramar. Isla de la Juventud. Las Tunas. Havana Vedado.

Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Is it worth to go to maria la gorda instead of cayo levissa? Haven't been to Maria la Gorda but I would never suggest to anyone to go to Cayo Levisa which is nothing more than a hotel at a windy beach. Totally "touristic. If you like diving, Maria la Gorda is great. The beach is also good.

Dec 13, Robert Schrader. One of the most pervasive associations with Cuba, at least for Americans, is cigars. This would afford you time to walk through the town center, where you could visit cigar and rum shops, and chat with locals. You could also potentially hike or take a horseback ride, although that might be pushing it. This not only allows you to explore the town in great enough depth to meet some its more colorful characters again, more on one of them in a minute , but to explore the other treasures of Pinar del Rio province, including beaches like Cayo Jutias and Cayo Levisa. By the time I arrived there, I was already in an explorative enough mood my Spanish skills, too, had warmed up that I immediately ventured off the beaten path upon checking in at my casa. It was down said path that I made the acquaintance of Domingo , the tobacco-farmer looking man you see in some of the photos in this article hint: he actually is a tobacco farmer, among many other talents!

Its white sand is overwhelming at first glance. A Cayo, or a Key in English, is a sandy, low-lying island that is formed on coral soil. It is very common throughout the Caribbean and the Antilles Sea. To reach some of them, it is necessary to use boats. However, others are so close to the coast that they connect naturally with the main island of Cuba or through bridges and roads.


distance from Vinales to Maria la gorda

2 day Tour of Nature and Beach from Havana to Vinales







  1. Floriana M. says:

    It is a small

  2. Holly G. says:

    Yup, you read right.

  3. William T. says:

    Bonjour la bella e la bestia biglietti amici di maria de filippi

  4. Claudia S. says:

    Cayo Levisa is a 40 minute boat trip from Palma Rubia in the Pinar del Rio province. We took day trip from Vinales for 39 CUC/per person(bus+boat+ packed.

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