Chia laguna half marathon 2017

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chia laguna half marathon 2017


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The natural setting of the Chia Laguna Resort is an enchanted landscape with breathtaking views of the cliffs of Chia Bay, long tongues of white sand and flights of pink flamingos that populate the coast. During the summer, the sun engulfs the panoramic terrace of the Natural Spa, giving guests unforgettable sunsets. Beyond this, within the spa there is a diverse program of relaxing and regenerating treatments for those who want to enjoy a true moment of relaxation. The wild nature around Chia Laguna is an enhancement to a modern and elegant design, which also offers a rich program of sport activities and refined culinary experiences. The philosophy that drives the brand makes accurate scientific research coincide with the pleasure of the product.

Starting a 2km swim is tough enough without having to contend with heavy waves and strong ocean currents. If I have to pinpoint the exact moment I realise things have got serious, this would be it. But then I look up and around, and in the few minutes since I sat down with the fruits of my buffet raid which contains no actual fruit, obviously the room has filled with people, none of whom have beer or mountainous plates in front of them; many of whom are wearing branded sportswear and caps indoors! This is, unmistakably, a room full of function food, clothes and bodies designed to do things like fuel, or wick moisture, or run rather than be things like fashionable, lumpy or tasty. As the first group of athletes sets off those like us who are doing the race as a relay are in the last group to go we watch as the waves and a fearsomely strong current pull them out of line on the charge to the first buoy. Ross, now wetsuited up and waiting to be called to the start line, looks back at me with the wry grin of a condemned man.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. There will be also a Sprint Distance for a less competitive race. And is expected to be one of the biggest events in the Italian triathlon season. Turquoise waters, white sand dunes, a lagoon home to pink flamingos and an ancient Spanish tower will act as the accompaniment to the challenging yet beautiful run. To improve your time, you should run between 10 and 14 km each time you train, concentrating on improving your aerobic resistance.

The Chia Laguna Half Marathon is more than a race; it is an event that brings sport and tourism in the beautiful scenery of Southern Sardinia, set against the.
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As the list would be too long to fit in this article, here is the list of marathons, half marathons or ultras. Good luck to you if you are taking part in one of these events. Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon. Maroondah Dam Trail Runs. Innsbruck Alpine Trilrun Festival.

Dini brothers started in with Bruno Gabbi, but since Saverio Marconi has trained them. Lorenzo won the silver medal over 10, meters at the Junior European Championships of Rieti in and the team bronze medal at the cross continental event, then in he had an individual podium, and a team gold medal in At his debut in half marathon he placed second in Italian championships of with 1h He arrived in 4th place at the European Championships in Chia Laguna in Bib number 6 is for the debutant Kenyan Ronoh Patrick Kibet training partner of Kalale, who arrived 2nd last year. Bib number 7 for another Kenyan, also on the distance debut. Alessandro Giacobazzi will have the bib number n.

Pre-parenthood, I never quite understood the appeal of the resort hotel. But five years after my daughter was born, I was begging for an easy holiday with optional childcare and a well-sprung mattress. But we took up residence in the quietly swanky Hotel Laguna in a junior suite, with a shaded terrace overlooking the pool and flamingo-populated lagoon that gives the resort its name. Each morning after a leisurely breakfast we hopped on board the miniature beach train with our bulging bags of inflatables and wound through the marram grass to Campana Dune beach and the turquoise sea. Other than the loungers for Chia Laguna guests, its soft golden sands were mostly left to nature. Most days I found myself doing seafront yoga sessions, and our city cobwebs were soon blown away as we enjoyed the wildness of the beach. We revelled in the crystalline water studded with rocky islets and scrambled over outcrops to discover the next stretch of beach, a windier strip for surfers.

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