Diablo 2 insight runeword

Insight (Diablo II Rune Word)

diablo 2 insight runeword

Runeword, Stats, Comments, Active In. v+, v, v Insight. RalTirTalSol +2 To Mana After Each Kill 23% Better Chance of Diablo II Items. [e].

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Some items in Diablo II are socketed items, which means that one can insert runes into them. They can also be identified by having a grey name. When runes are placed into these socketed items in a specific combination, the item will get a stats bonus from each individual rune along with an extra boost on top of that. This special order of runes is known as a runeword. They introduced the most powerful runewords with Patch 1.

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Help Register Sign In. This thread was automatically marked as Locked. There are a number of items that have been denied to people who play offline: rune words like Insight and Pride , and uniques like Azurewrath. This can however be easily fixed. These files will work for patch 1.

"Insight" runeword problem

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  1. Kittycate says:

    Insight'RalTirTalSol' Item types nonmagic polearms, staves with exactly 4 Insight is the rune word 'RalTirTalSol' for polearms or staves in Diablo II: Lord of.

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