Lou reed sweet jane

Sweet Jane

lou reed sweet jane

"Sweet Jane" is a song by American rock band the Velvet Underground; it appears on their fourth studio album Loaded. The song was written by Lou Reed, the.

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Lyrics submitted by spliphstar. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - L. Sweet Jane Loaded is found on the album Live in Italy.

It was also the last Velvet Underground album I bought and listened to on my quest — 15 years after its original release, and in the flush of my teen rock-geek years — to own every note this band every recorded. For some reason, "Loaded" was the hardest one to track down. Worse, Reed appears in the video:. But when I finally found a copy of "Loaded" in college, I realized what I had been missing. But it was almost immediately clear to me what I had been truly missing all these years. One in person where I, starving, had to watch him eat some kind of sauce-covered cutlet slowly while we discussed "Berlin. Did he write it?

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground are the point in rock n roll where rock becomes alternative. Sure, they were playing guitars and drums, but everything else about the group seemed to come out of a universe entirely removed from anything that rock radio offered at the time. The story of the Velvet Underground is part of folklore by now. A group combining rock with serious minded art and sound experimentation to create a brilliant and, at the time, entirely unique body of work. Also quite famous to the story is that while the group never enjoyed much commercial success, they helped inspire the formation of a larger number of other bands.

The best version of Sweet Jane by Lou Reed

The real genius of "Sweet Jane": The 2 little letters out of Lou Reed's mouth that say so much

Its gorgeous, emotional break combines an out-on-the-highway slide guitar folded magically in with surf guitar. We longed for accessible tunes from Patti Smith. The intro casually noodles, then fires up into an ardent gallop that supports and then is overshadowed by the lead guitar riff. One of the most influential Rock tracks — arguably the first Psychedelic Rock song. It certainly was the first psychedelic hit. A few random musings first… The Underground literally grew out of the streets of New York and the kinetic, frenetic visual arts scene of the early and mids that, once and for all, put the city in the center of the painting and sculpture world.

The song was written by Lou Reed , the band's leader, who continued to incorporate the piece into live performances as a solo artist. When Loaded was originally released in , the song's bridge was cut. Ann's Warehouse. There are two distinct versions of "Sweet Jane" with minor variations, spread over its first four releases. The first release of the song in November was a version recorded earlier that year and included on Loaded. In May , a live version recorded in August appeared on the Velvet Underground's Live at Max's Kansas City ; this had an additional bridge that was missing from the Loaded release.





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