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radio assenna tigrigna live

VOICE OF ASSENNA: ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? - Thursday, Dec 20, 2018

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Quick links. Free and unfiltered. Eritrean opposition are saying that 'Isaias Afewerki is dead' and in fact they are celebrating it. The rumor about his death is not mentioned by any credible source and is not confirmed. It is to be recalled that Eritrea quashed the rumor that he was sick.

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I would be surprised if they know how to surf the web. Enough is enough! We the bona fide Eritreans have kept quite for too long when DIA and his stooges exploited and milked us dry for the last 27 years. We kept quite when they threw our gallant veteran fighters into prison to languish, we kept quite when they ignited war with neighboring countries to deliberately depopulate, displace and economically impoverish the country, we kept quite when several thousands of our displaced youth sank in the Mediterranean sea, we kept quite when our youth were slaughtered in the Sahara desert, we kept quite when our youth were rounded up and forced to indefinite military service and slave labor. It goes on and on. There seems to be no end to the crimes perpetrated by DIA and his surrogates.

VOICE OF ASSENNA: Interview with Yordanos Zerabruk - Part 1 - Wed, December 12,
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They can do it. They have a way and inner strength of galvanizing regardless of their composition of identity. They can do. Seattle WA Email: mmedhanit gmail. On July 21,. The latter submits to.


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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ????? ?? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ??? ???? - ?????? ??? ??? - ??? 1 ?? 2019





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    On that day, I will kick off my journey to travel the world.

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    VOICE OF ASSENNA: relaunches daily satellite radio broadcasting to Eritrea - ??? Subscribe ASSENNA Youtube Channel:

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    BREAKING: Unconfirmed Reports - President Isaias Afewerki Is Dead - Mereja Forum

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