Fokker dvii color schemes

Lozenge camouflage

fokker dvii color schemes

Fokker DVII Mercedes run up at Antique Aero 10-15-2011 LWWIAH


Subscribe to remove ads. Interesting Fokker D. VII colour schemes. One of my favourites is the Fokker D. There had been numerous coats of arms, skulls, weapons and dragons painted on the surfaces of German aircraft but this one is of special interest, since it is not "heroic" and based on an old fairy tale. We have learned the simple truth of Emerson that 'the only way to have a friend is to be one. Sponsored Links.

VII Early Diorama. Model, Text and Photos by: Steven Perry. VII had their Mercedes hp engines pretty tightly cowled. Problems developed as the weather grew warmer and several pilots were lost when the incendary ammunition they were carrying cooked off in the ammo boxes. Later versions incorporated more panels with louvers for better heat dissipation within the engine compartment. The early versions have the smaller and less louvered engine panels.

One Flair D7. What colour? Yes I have done Lozenge before, from scratch. Ideas please? If it is not exactly scale that's fine! I was thinking of the Ernst Udet red candy stripe, with red on the top of the power wing and white Underneath?

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Follow Wings Palette. Random image. I [] Albatros D. XI [2] Albatros Dr. II [1] Ansaldo A.

Fokker DVII Colours





  1. John H. says:

    VI model did not have any decals.

  2. Mcadepalad says:

    It takes its name from the repeated polygon shapes incorporated in the designs, many of which resembled lozenges.

  3. Haidee V. says:

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