Dtp chest and back

Kris Gethin's DTP Explained

dtp chest and back

e27marines-1stmardiv.org Team Grenade's Shane Raymond is put through a DTP workout, Dramatic Transformation Principle, by Kris Gethin.

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Dramatic Transformation Principle. And if you like the sounds of that, then read on and you can start seeing some serious changes yourself…. The chest and back are two of the largest muscle groups in the upper body, which makes a serious chest and back workout a fantastic way to trigger that hormone response and accelerate growth. This workout is made up simply of four exercises. The pecs and back are effectively opposite muscle groups in terms of their function, so they work well when superset in this fashion. Meanwhile the rep ranges are also going to be rather different. Here you are going to be starting on a high 30, moving down to 20, 10 and then two lots of 5.

August 22nd, 2 Days later and my glutes and calves are still quite sore. Still nice knowing day 1 was a complete success. I crushed it and within hours later up until the last couple of days, the recovery pain has felt great. Yes I love the pain. The first round of rows you focus on your Lats with a controlled swinging motion whereas the second round of rows is focused on your traps by extending your arms a little further from your body bend elbows forward slightly. All day at work I had the exercise in the back of my head and when I had a moment of free time, watched the video for day 3. Had to get mentally prepared.

It started of Saturday with legs and then Sunday was chest and biceps I was destroyed after both of these workouts both bringing on an incredible pump. Monday was back and yesterday was shoulders, below is what I did for my shoulder sessions. As you can see the volume of these workouts are insane and not for the faint hearted. I am definitely looking forward to this weeks rest days already to recover from what my body will have been put through, then on Saturday it will start all over again. As I mentioned before I am now up to

Think you've got what it takes to train with Kris Gethin? So did Grenade athlete Shane Raymond. Try this DTP chest and back video workout.
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Transformation Challenge – DTP Extreme – Back day & Shoulders

Holy crap!, DTP, as it is better known, has played a fundamental role in transforming over million lives, a statistic which thoroughly supports the undeniable impact of this training approach. Even though the reach of DTP spans across the globe, many people still have questions about this training strategy.

A Killer ‘DTP’ Chest and Back Workout from Kris Gethins

Think you've got what it takes to train with Kris Gethin? So did Grenade athlete Shane Raymond. Try this DTP chest and back video workout yourself! The workouts were all-out war. Each session was a vicious iron brawl. With Gethin coaching every rep and set, the Grenade boys had no choice but to fight through failure and push through pain to complete the workouts. This is round one of a four-round fight.






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