Clash of clans th10 2017

Best TH10 vs TH11 Attack Strategy 2017 - Clash of Clans

clash of clans th10 2017

Top 5 BEST TH10 ATTACK STRATEGY 2017 in Clash of Clans - DO YOU USE THESE?

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I have here two bases for you that I have been testing for a few weeks 1x war base for TH10 and 1x trophy base. Of course, I will update them frequently especially after updates when the meta changes. Not much special things goin on in this layout, it uses the current meta base building tools and it does that really effective. You have the offset Town Hall to force attackers go through the opposite side and through the whole base. It uses large compartments with a lot of offset in between to make troops go further and also make any area effects less powerful plus a nice trash ring on the outside to mess with funneling. First of all, the Queen Walk or Queen Charge that is part of so many attacks in wars needed to pari up with the troops and forced to go from the opposite side of the base as the queen needs to survive.

After spending almost 2 months in TH10, its time to finish up this guide and teach you all my knowledge as I finish transitioning into TH10 for the 4th time. TH10 is the first TH level that you have a good chance at defense, this is only because of infernos. Many of your attackers will be ill-prepared to face them and will suffer their wrath, this is why its one of your first priority upgrades. Unfortunately infernos are a shell of what they were, they do almost nothing to your defenses right now. Still drop them, but at lvl1 they are good for single mode only. Before stepping into TH10, be sure to prepare 8mil gold, 8mil elixir and just keep AQ upgrading. Prepare as much loot in your treasury as possible, rune of elixir is recommended but not needed I had one.

Insane Clash of Clans War Attacks. LavaLoon and Dragons wreck these max base layouts. The planning and precision of these CoC attacks is amazing. Effective Kill Squads and creation of a funnel is vital for success at this high level perfect examples of this plus much more are present in each of these raids. Gameplay for this video was recorded in April and highlights, in my opinion, the two best strategies for 3 stars as a TH10 in early Do you have any other tips for TH10 players, ground or air attacks, even if it doesn't feature Dragons or Balloons, make sure to share them so everyone can learn in the comments section below. Clash On!

CoC Wars are determined at Town Hall 10 and Attacking up against TH11 bases as a TH10 is very important and the GoBo attack strategy can be used against a massive variety of base designs to secure the 2 star against even max TH11 bases. The important aspects on how to perform the strategy include: - A group of Bowlers behind the Golems with a Rage Spell to create a deep funnel on two sides of the base.
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I hope you guys use these new bases to success and can dominate the war scene no matter what Town Hall you are at. This Town Hall 7 war base layout has what every war base should have at TH7: centralized air defense! The air defense within this base are very difficult to get to, which will make it hard to beat using dragons, the most popular strategy at Town Hall 7. Having small compartments will make sure that the dragons go around the base inside of heading towards the center. The whole goal here is just to prevent the three crown so that a TH8 has to waste an attack three starring. The most popular strategy at TH8 is, and almost always has been, hogs with heal spells. The bottom of this base design is baited: all clues point to starting your attack from the bottom, which means that the hogs will hit the DGB almost immediately, ending the attack before it has started!

What are the best Clash of Clans TH10 Bases?

Best TH10 Trophy Push Base - CoC Town Hall 10 Base 2017 - Updated Share A Link

TH10 Guide (early)



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    Jul 31, TH10 War Base Designs & TH10 Farming Base Designs you can use to prevent losing Stars in Clan War and protect Resources and Dark Elixir.

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    Over warships, carriers and destroyers you're in command as epic clashes rage across the seas.

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