Wilson blx blade tour 93

Wilson Blade 93 India 18x20

wilson blx blade tour 93

Wilson Blade 93 Racquet Review - Tennis Express


Click here for more on strings. Have your racket painted with one of our custom stencils. Choose 'No Thanks' to have the default manufacturers logo. The purest feel of Blade 93 rackets' flat beam is now enhanced by Amplifeel to deliver the ultimate control racket for hard hitting, aggressive players. Experience a control racket for the modern, aggressive game. Designed for players who want a traditional feeling racket to maximise control and spin, the new Blade 93 BLX is upgraded with Amplifeel for enhanced feel and a new construction for increased performance.

Big swings result in lots of controllable power and excellent accuracy. I found a sizeable sweetspot and power from the baseline on both forehands and backhands. It is definitely a step up in power and feel from last year's [K] Factor model. Shots still need to be executed with good precision at the sweetspot. However, I did find a more responsive frame that gave me more lively feedback for me to make minor adjustments and tweaks easier to adapt my style.

To me, the Blade line has always been a unique entity among the other Wilson racquets. The range uses a different beam shape and covers a fairly wide spectrum of target players, so it never really felt like it belonged with the rest of Wilson's line. The BLX technology is of course designed with feel in mind, using the basalt fibers to dampen vibration. So far, many players are making the switch, saying that the new BLX frames feel more comfortable and stable. This high demand for the newest Wilson technology has led to many asking, "When are the K Blades going to be replaced?

For the third time, Wilson looks to cut through its competition in the player's racquet market. Designed to provide more feel through the vibration resistant qualities of Basalt, the BLX Blade Tour is primed to take midsize racquet performance to a new level. The previous version of the Blade Tour proved to be very popular with our testers Two of our testers used the KBlade Tour as their racquet of choice for a significant time Spencer and Jason. Our other two testers have now reviewed all versions. Our testers definitely know how well the Blade Tour can help carve up the court. Could it prove to be the mightiest Blade yet?

Order by:. Available to:. Grip is worn. Heavy deep scratches to the frame. Top bumper Length:

Wilson BLX Blade Tour Racquet Review

Wilson Blade 93 Racquet Review


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    The Wilson BLX Blade Tour is a player's racquet in every sense of the word, and it's best suited to + Head Size, 93 square inches, square centimeters.

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    I have 2 of them left.

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