Digimon world 1 guide

Digimon World: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

digimon world 1 guide

PSX Longplay [033] Digimon World (Part 1 of 11)

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Since , CheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. This is what I think and if you strongly suggest anything or have a question you can E-mail me. Thank you. If you would like to use this on your site just ask by E-Mailing me and don't take this illegally please. The only site with permission of this is gamefaqs. This is a reason because if your trying to raise an Ultimate when you begin he's going to need some food and you will probably run out in the first meal you feed him and wish that you would get more meat.

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Jijimon will also ask if you have friends, say yes for Agumon or no for Gabumon as your starting digimon Who doesn't have friends?! But still They wanted you to get the digimon back to rebuild the city. In order to do that, you must have a strong digimon which brings us to the next chapter: 2 - Taking Care of your Digimon Your digimon's life span depends on how you take care of them. If you are taking care of them correctly, your digimon will most likely have a longer life span. In order to do that, you must give what your digimon needs.

To use this guide properly you should read the explanation of the mechanics that are preceding the raw values, as you may not understand their meaning and how to use them properly otherwise. The evolution system of Digimon World is a quite a complex piece of game mechanics and unfortunately no guide so far has managed to get it right. This guide is intended to not only help you to get the Digimon you want, but also to help you understand how the entire system works and how to abuse it's subtleties. Everything I'll write is based on original research or information I personally verified and reproduced to ensure their correctness. Most internal values have been extracted and compiled by a script which used the game assets themselves instead of relying on human input. There is also an easy to use tool in the Links section, where you just have to enter your current stats and it will calculate your result. Log In Sign Up.

Guide to Survival - Guide for Digimon World

Digimon World - Walkthrough

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