Red bull culture clash 2017

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red bull culture clash 2017

Red Bull Culture Clash 2018


Maneo Mohale 20 Sep After landing at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport at 5am, and braving the terrifying gauntlet of American airport security and customs, the city greeted us with the kind of heat that sits on your shoulders like a Sesotho blanket. Today, sound clashes are held all over the world, playing everything from hip-hop and trap to Afrobeats and grime. Very soon, distinctly South African genres such as kwaito and gqom will be added to the inventory of clash sounds, as Red Bull brings the event to Johannesburg this weekend, taking place at Orlando Stadium. The first sound system I spoke to, Team Enjoylife, from Toronto, filled up the conference room with their enthusiasm and noise, in contrast to their softly spoken team leader seated among them, year-old beat-prodigy Ebony Oshunrinde, better known as WondaGurl. I asked about whether this underdog quality was an advantage in the Clash. Emphatic nods rippled across the room in response.

Four of the continents biggest artists and their crews took to the stage for four rounds of high-intensity musical competition, with the winner decided by the sound level of the crowd response. Actor and Television presenter Thapelo Mokoena and fellow presenter Siyabonga Ngwekazi were hosting the show with running commentary. The event was featured with various special guest performers. Multi Live Visualiziation of Sound Data With the event being broadcast live on South African television, there was a need for the show to ensure clear visualization of the live sound data. Both within the arena for the benefit of the audience, as well as on the live television broadcast.

Red Bull Culture Clash Atlanta brought out surprises from Pusha T to Ludacris. But the crew from Jamaica pulled out all the stops, including bringing out Jermaine Dupri, to take the trophy. When Unruly brought out Jermaine Dupri to win the third round of Red Bull Culture Clash.
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Written by Lauren Murphy 24 August Ahead of this weekend's Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta, we've chosen five performances from over the years to whet your appetite. There's nothing like a bit of healthy competition. That goes for the world of music, too - but instead of pitting artists from the same genre against each other, how about setting four very different acts up in a unique head-to-head contest? If that sounds right up your street, then you might want to check out Red Bull Culture Clash. The innovative, genre-bending live music sound clash has been running since in various locations around the world and sees four crews battle it out over multiple rounds for the title of Culture Clash champs.

The crews competed against each other over four back-to-back rounds. Atmosphere had to create awareness and interest for the concept, educate the local market on what a sound system clash is all about, and drive hype and attendance at the local event. Several top local artists held concerts over the same period, forcing the target audience to budget carefully or decide which event they wanted to attend. The three month build-up required high intensity media activity to keep the momentum going throughout the period to maintain public interest and engagement. The headline artist were all big names in their own rights which resulted in us having to carefully balance media interest between profiling the artists in their own rights versus profiling the event in which they would all feature RBCC South Africa This was especially relevant as AKA released a new album during the campaign period and this became a focus for some of the key music media.


Red Bull Culture Clash

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