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ice age 1 baby

A young human baby, Roshan lived with his tribe during the days of the ice. One evening, during the days in which the weather began to grow colder, Roshan.

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Set during the days of the ice age , the film centers around three main characters - Manny Romano , a no-nonsense woolly mammoth ; Sid Leguizamo , a loudmouthed ground sloth ; and Diego Leary , a sardonic saber-tooth tiger - who come across a human baby and work together to return it to its tribe. Additionally, the film occasionally follows Scrat, a speechless "saber-toothed squirrel" voiced by Wedge who is perpetually searching for a place in the ground to bury his acorn. Ice Age was originally intended as a 2D animated movie developed by Fox Animation Studios , but eventually became the first full-length animated movie for the newly-reformed Blue Sky, which had been reshaped from a special FX house to a CG animation studio. Focus shifted from making an action-adventure drama film to a more comedy-oriented one, and several writers, such as Michael Berg and Peter Ackerman , were brought on to bring out a wittier tone. A saber-toothed squirrel known as Scrat attempts to find a place to store his acorn for the winter. Eventually, as he tries to stomp it into the ground, he inadvertently causes a large crack to form in the ice that extends for miles before setting off a large avalanche which nearly crushes him. He barely escapes but finds himself getting stepped on by a herd of prehistoric animals migrating south in order to escape the forthcoming ice age.

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Mike Thurmeier and Galen T. But how can Ice Age top itself for a sixth film? Perhaps the key to another Ice Age has nothing to do with making the franchise bigger. The first film in the series focused on Manny, Diego and Sid coming together as friends as they protected a human infant named Roshan from harm. Roshan reunites with his tribe at the end of the movie, and is never seen or heard from again. There was a scene where our three characters were going through an ice museum, and they saw a dinosaur encased in ice, and the camera pulls back and they see a giant spaceship encased in ice.


Sign in. - Ice Age is an American media franchise centering on a group of mammals surviving the Paleolithic ice age. It consists of computer-animated movies and TV specials and a series of video games.


Roshan was a human baby that had been lost from his tribe and rescued by a trio of animals. Through a long and arduous quest conducted by the three, Roshan was reunited with his tribe. A young human baby, Roshan lived with his tribe during the days of the ice age and had seen very little of the world around him. During the events of his infancy, however, he saw and experienced much of the world, at the paws of three animals out to return him to his tribe, which he had been displaced from. One evening, during the days in which the weather began to grow colder, Roshan and his family were at their village, with Runar , Roshan's father, teaching his young son to take his first steps with his wife Nadia. Unbeknownst to them or the rest of the tribe, they were being eyed by two tigers , Diego and the pack leader, Soto , that evening, who conspired to take Roshan's life in retribution for Runar's hunting and killing of half their pack, using the sabers' skins to make clothing. The following morning, just before dawn, the saber pack had snuck into the camp to attack the humans, but were given away by the tribe's dogs , and the majority of the sabers were thus engaged in a battle with the tribe's hunters while Diego, Soto's trusted lieutenant, snuck into Runar's tent and found Roshan fast asleep.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Between Ice Age and Ice Age 2, the entire ice age happens. It starts out in the first that everything is about to experience instant permafrost for the next few thousand years, and in the next, everything is melting, and a mammoth, giant ground sloth, and sabretooth cat with the same names and personalities and, in the case of Sid, Lord of the Flame, skills as the first movie's protagonists are experiencing the end of the ice age, and nobody thinks it would ever end, because everything has been frozen since before the earliest stories.



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