Murolo cumme se fa

Cu 'mme, Gragnaniello - Murolo - Martini

murolo cumme se fa

Mia Martini. Cu'mme con Roberto Murolo e Enzo Gragnaniello a Serata D'onore 1992

2017   film

Remember Me? A-Z Artists Advanced Search. Roberto Murolo. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thread: Cu 'mme Feat.

Quanta notte nun te veco. Io t'aggio amato tanto si t'amo tu lo sai Io te voglio bene assaie E tu non pienze a me! Io te voglio bene assaie E tu non pienze a me! Toggle navigation. Click on the song title. Article on the Neapolitan language, itself: here. Article about the Neapolitan Song, here.

The lyrics of the song are rather cryptic, but the feeling transmitted is one of letting go, not to be afraid of love. The song says "do not stop your soul that wants to fly, the sea depths may be frightening but follow your heart and come with me, down into the sea, then rise with me and sing in the wind". Follow ItalyHeritage on Facebook. Scinne cu 'mme' 'nfunn 'o mare a truva' chello ca nun tenimmo cca'. Guarda stu mare ca ce 'nfonne e paure sta cercanno e ce 'mbara'.

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