Happy west old wild west

6 Old Wild West Towns Your Kids Will Go Crazy For

happy west old wild west

PortAventura Old Wild West 20 aniversario 2015

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The Wild West was a challenging time to be alive. Living in the Frontier during the 19th century meant saloons, cowboys, Native Americans, gunfights and lots of mustaches. There was a lot of brawling going on, but also a lot of traveling and new discoveries happening. Here are some amazing photographs that define this time period:. Goldie Griffith was known for her mean abilities as a boxer and wrestler, she also rode broncos and performed various other acts. Griffith became a star in her own right, even getting married at Madison Square Garden! She famously rode her horse up the steps of Ulysses S.

Americans especially loved the old west, for its gunfights, cowboys, stagecoach robberies, and clashes with Indians. The flurry of western movie production perpetuated the American romance with the Wild West and doing so went off course with fewer facts and more fictional conjuring. Regardless of the vision of the Wild West one may have, the old west was nothing like what it has been portrayed on a cinema screen for the better part of last century. Following are some of the facts about the life on the frontier that is in sheer contrast with what we envisioned all these years. This may come to many as a shock that Native Americans were absolutely flabbergasted to see the hygiene of the new western emigrants; they were disgusted.

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