Free syrian army isis

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free syrian army isis

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) is a loose faction in the Syrian Civil War founded on 29 July "Free Syrian Army Rebels Join Forces With Kurds To Fight ISIS In Kobane". International Business Times. Retrieved 23 April ^ Ali, Jan (13 .

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Warning issued to rebel groups as government continues offensive in the south west. Turkey-backed Syrian rebels say they are less than 48 hours away from launching an attack on the town of Dabiq, held by Isis since The US has backed anti-government rebels and more than a dozen countries are involved in the civil war. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads.

In late , it was considered the main Syrian military defectors group. From July onward, ill-discipline, infighting and lack of funding weakened the FSA, while Islamist groups became dominant within the armed opposition. The Free Syrian Army aims to be "the military wing of the Syrian people's opposition to the regime", [1] and it aims to bring down the government by armed operations, encouraging army defections and by carrying out armed action. The FSA's military strategy is focused on a dispersed countrywide guerrilla campaign with a tactical focus on armed action in the capital of Damascus. The campaign was not meant to hold territory, but rather, to spread government forces and their logistics chains thin in battles for urban centers, to cause attrition in the security forces, to degrade morale and to destabilize Damascus, the center of government. After the Turkish military intervention in Syria in , an informal group of Turkish-backed Arabs and Turkmen was established under the name "Free Syrian Army", [26] with on-ground support of an organised military backed by Turkish and British airpower. The coat of arms of the FSA which incorporates the Syrian independence flag ; used since November

A man stands atop a building looking at the destroyed Syrian town of Kobane, also known as Ain al-Arab, The Syrian civil war, which has devastated the entire country of Syria and its neighbors, is a complex conflict that involves several nations, rebel groups and terrorist organizations. What started as a nonviolent protest in quickly escalated into full-blown warfare.
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Turkey [b] present. Salvation Government Tahrir al-Sham [d] [e]. Free Syrian Army: 20,32, [86] Islamic Front: 40,70, [87] [88] Other groups: 12, [89] Turkish Armed Forces : 4,8, [90] [91]. SDF: 60,75, est. Total killed: ,, per SOHR [].

Forces loyal to the Syrian government have retaken major rebel strongholds, as well as large swaths of territory in the country's south in recent months. Commenting has been disabled. To find out more, click here. Residents of long-neglected northwestern tribal belt say incorporation into Pakistan has left them in a vacuum. Pakistan , Asia.

There are four main types of Americans fighting on the ground in Syria: special forces soldiers, CIA agents, Islamic extremists, and anarchists. As I putter in a motorboat across the Tigris River one afternoon in May , I have no idea which of these, if any, I will encounter in the weeks ahead. I disembark with a handful of locals and walk up a gravelly slope to a small shack. Iraq, which I just came from, is on the opposite side of the river. Turkey is not far upstream. A man with a wrinkled, sun-worn face and an AK asks for our passports. One month after I submitted my application for one, the Syrian government dropped a chemical bomb on a building in Ghouta, outside Damascus.

There is No FSA, There is Only Al-Qaeda

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ISIS Has Not Been Defeated. Its Alive and Well in Southern Syria.



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    The US administration has annexed the Syrian conflict to its own war on terror.

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    The United States and Britain have meanwhile moved on to debate stripping the citizenship of their nationals who joined the Islamic State.

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