Giardino delle peonie vitorchiano

Natural and slow route, Via Francigena, Parks and Gardens

giardino delle peonie vitorchiano

Single flower tree peonies are the first to bloom together with the semi-double flower tree The centre is situated in Vitorchiano-Pallone, Province of Viterbo.

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The farm is located on the Via Francigena. The pilgrims who traveled from beyond the Alps to Rome helped transform Tuscia into an area rich in traditions and artworks. Still today pilgrims walk along the same route armed with backpacks and comfortable shoes. He left a Diary in which he listed the 79 landmarks and the 1,60 kilometres to reach Rome on foot. The pilgrims set off from Canterbury, getting to Calais across the English Channel via the white cliffs of Dover, reaching Reims stopping at the beautiful cathedral dating back to the year They entered Lazio at Viterbo and headed to the tombs of St. Peter and St.

The integrated tourism project was conceived by the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo in It aims, from one side, to promote the local peculiarities, from the other, to enhance the touristic offer, by connecting in networks businesses, institutions and associations with their highly valuable individual peculiarities. Lawrence and A. A real must see are the painted tombs of the Montarozzi Necropoli, Unesco world heritage site since The national museum of Etruscans is hosted inside Palazzo Vitelleschi. Probably this is the most fascinating etruscan site in Italy, not only for the ancient Vulci acropolis, but also for the splendid landscape formed by the Park, with its 4 Km of extension including the monuments, the necropolis, the naturalistic beauties offered by the Lago del Pellicone and the.

We love the character of this building - suits us perfectly! Stay watching our social media feeds for progress! Please do not worry about the eruption news!! Snow Lotus, There was so much promise in this plant.

Single flower tree peonies are the first to bloom together with the semi-double flower tree shrubs, which flower from early April to mid April. This is followed by the double-flower tree peonies and, when this finishes flowering at around late April, the peonies belonging to the species P. Flowering of the Rocki peonies ends by the first half of May. At the same time, the delavayane peonies flower. Early May also sees the beginning of flowering for herbaceous peonies.

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    L'Olivaia Farm Relais Country House Montepietraia e San Martino

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    A short distance from Rome, the Tuscia offers a series of pleasant walks, definable today as slow routes, offering an opportunity to admire a territory so rich in natural beauty, as well as parks and gardens.

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