Giorgio petrosyan vs buakaw

Buakaw vs. Giorgio Petrsoyan

giorgio petrosyan vs buakaw

Petrosyans style is boxing based, he uses dips and snap backs, check hooks, in and out movement. He is proficient at boxing, that is why he is.

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When you think of Muay Thai the first name that comes to mind is most likely Buakaw. When you think of Kickboxing first name that most likely comes to mind is Giorgio Petrosyan. Since that fight Buakaw has gone on to become the king of Muay Thai. There is no other fighter that is more recognizable in the sport than he is. He gone beyond simply being a Muay Thai fighter and is a super star now. Movie roles, endorsement deals, and so on.

You can put them in the clinch and blast them to smithereens, or you can leg kick them into oblivion. You just want to put space…. View On WordPress. Keep reading. External image. One of the kickboxing…. K-1 was still at its peak, having launched many a storied career and hosted some of the greatest fights we have ever seen in combat sports.

Log in or Sign up. Karlnybrink , Jun 10, Joined: Apr 7, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1, Western boxing? Petrosyan is a kickboxer with a background in MuayThai. Tayski , Gratis , stinkynecklace and 8 others like this.


Please keep spoilers out of your submission titles. Kop khun krab! Giorgio Petrosyan Vs.





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    Gevorg "Giorgio" Petrosyan is an Armenian-Italian kickboxer who competes in the . After five rounds, the fight was ruled a split draw and, consequently, Buakaw retained his title. Petrosyan then went on defeat Abdallah Mabel twice within two.

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    Nicknamed "The Doctor" and noted for his supreme technical skills, ringsmanship and defensive prowess which has seen him defeat some of the best strikers in the world while taking little-to-no damage, [1] [2] As of 1 November , he is ranked the 2 lightweight in the world by Combat Press and is widely regarded as one of the greatest kickboxers of all time.

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    One of the best fights I watched and rewatched many times is the fight between two legends: Buakaw Por Pramuk and Giorgio Petrosyan.

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