Diana princess of wales brother

Diana, Princess of Wales

diana princess of wales brother

Princess Diana at her brother's wedding

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Diana's activism and glamour made her an international icon and earned her an enduring popularity as well as an unprecedented public scrutiny, exacerbated by her tumultuous private life. Diana was born into the Spencer family , among the most prominent of the British nobility , and grew up close to the royal family on their Sandringham estate. The youngest daughter of the 8th Earl Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd , she was strongly affected by their divorce in She did not distinguish herself academically, but was talented in music and sports. In , she moved to London, where she lived with flatmates and took on various low-paying jobs. Diana came to prominence in upon her engagement to Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II , after a brief courtship.

An exclusive first look at an upcoming documentary chronicling Princess Diana 's life and death debuted on " Good Morning America " today, just days before the late princess of Wales would have turned 56 years old. Diana's sons, Princes Harry and William, and William's wife, Princess Kate, will gather Saturday, on Diana's birthday, to rededicate her grave in a private service presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Kensington Palace announced Wednesday. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will also attend. Diana's former husband, Prince Charles, is currently on a royal tour in Canada with Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall and will not attend the service. Diana's grave, which is not open to the public, is located on an island on Oval Lake on the grounds of her family home, Althorp House in Northamptonshire. Spencer, who walked with Harry and William in the procession behind Diana's coffin at her funeral, is speaking about his sister in a U.

Charles Spencer delighted royal fans this week when he took to Instagram to share a previously unseen family photograph. Charles the younger brother of the late Princess Diana took to social media to share a black and white image depicting his grandmother and father, taken around His followers were quick to comment on the strong family resemblance between his father John Spencer, the 8th Earl Spencer, and John's maternal grandson, Prince William. Great pic! Others noted the similarities between Charles' grandmother and his eldest daughter, Lady Kitty Spencer , with one stating: "Grandmother and Kitty are twins! Charles Spencer shared a photograph of his father and grandmother together. Charles who is a godson of the Queen inherited the ancestral seat, Althorp, in following the death of his father.

Updated July 31, Earl Spencer, the brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, has reportedly begged a British television channel not to broadcast a controversial documentary about his sister. Britain's Channel 4 plans to broadcast private video tapes that show Princess Diana several years before her death candidly discussing her marital problems and her strained relationship with the royal family. In the recordings dated from the early s, when the rift between Diana and the royal family became clear to the public, Diana seeks counsel from her public-speaking coach, Peter Settelen, about how to address the public about her relationship with Prince Charles. In one of the tapes she opens up about how she approached Queen Elizabeth II in tears for advice about how to save her failing marriage.

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Princess Diana's brother speaks: 'This was a special person ... not just a beautiful one'

Princess Diana was virtually unknown to the public until she married into the royal family. She wed Prince Charles back in , and her title, Diana, Princess of Wales, stayed with her even after her divorce. However, before she became a princess, she was known as something else: Lady Diana Spencer. But what does this name mean? Was Diana royalty before she married into the British royal family? Her parents had divorced when she was young, but she grew up in a prominent family.

Princess Diana's brother talks royal wedding and his family history - Your Morning

Was Princess Diana Royalty Before She Married? Heres Why She Was Known As Lady Diana Spencer

On page , Earl Spencer writes: "By early , nearly a quarter of a century into his reign, Charles II's life was one of unashamed self-indulgence. The fifty-four-year-old monarch had huge appetites for luxury, for food, for drink, and for women. Some of his subjects called him 'Old Rowley' in reference to one of the more fertile stallions in the royal stables. But the dozen children he had sired by seven of his mistresses were acknowledged, and indulged with varying degrees of tiles and extravagance. Cromwell saw the banning of sports, theatre and the public celebrating of religious festivals such as Christmas; historians have also criticised him for harsh policies towards Ireland. The younger Cromwell resigned and the Governor of Scotland grew concerned at the anarchy that followed.

Earl Spencer hosted a tribute concert on June 27, , to raise money for the Princess Diana Memorial Fund, one week before she would have turned The concert was held at Deer Park on the Althorp estate, about two kilometres from the island in a lake where the Princess of Wales is buried. Althorp was Diana's family home before she married Prince Charles. Princess Diana's favourite band, Duran Duran, headlined the event. Ten years after Diana's death, a larger concert was held at Wembley Stadium. Diana's sons Prince William and Prince Harry watched on from the crowd before taking to the stage to thank everyone involved. The concert was held on July 1, Princess Diana's birthday.

Spencer, 53, placed the blame on the palace courtiers and called it the "most horrifying half an hour of my life. William, 35, and Harry, 32, were just 15 and 12, respectively, when their mother died in a Paris car crash in August William, now a father of two young children, and Harry walked behind their mother's coffin as the procession made its way through the streets of London on Sept. They were accompanied in the procession by their father, Prince Charles, and their grandfather, Prince Philip , in addition to Spencer. At one point during the procession, Spencer could be seen patting Harry on the back, appearing to give him emotional support. Harry recently opened up for the first time publicly about what it was like to walk behind his mother's coffin. I don't think it would happen today.


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    Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes have largely retreated from public life since the tragic death of their sister, Princess Diana ; however, the two women were included in Prince Harry's son Archie's christening this summer.

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