Audio research ls2 mkii

Audio Research LS-2

audio research ls2 mkii

Exists in two versions: LS2 and LS2B (Balanced). Introduced (LS2) ( LS2B). Discontinued? Revisions LS2 MKII () LS2B MKII (). Options.

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It would be interesting to have someone compare some recent Class A componenets with those of 5 or even 10 years ago. Because I am so nuts about music, I listen to just about everything that comes down the pike. Living in a large metro area Los Angeles allows for this. I think the general answer is "yes" -- even the top stuff in Class A gets incrementally better. I doubt if it improves at the same rate as mid-priced gear, because of the trickle-down effect and economies of scale. I suspect that is why you specified Class A and not B or C.

Price points plummetting like pebbles in a pond. Okay, maybe I forced the alliteration, but you've just gotta wax poetic when the cost of audio ecstasy drops -- and substantially to boot. The remaining digits on the sticker are still four figures, still beyond the reach of many, but I consider the halving of the tariff for the state of the art to be something worth celebrating. And which company is the source of this largesse? Would you believe Audio Research , every valve lover's champion? Cautious and slow the company may have been before addressing the needs of the Digital Age, but they've shown what a wonderful DAC they could produce, along with line level pre-amps which best serve those who've moved to digital or line level sources.

Trade offers are carefully considered. Contact us to find out how easy it can be to get a quick, fair, cash price for your gently used gear. Logistics is our specialty This is a fantastic sounding preamp that has been gently used by one owner in a non-smoking environment. It's been well cared for and is working great with no issues. Sound quality and performance are outstanding.

Audio Research LS2 MkII Pre Amp AMAudio A50 Reference Class A Power Amp Handmade Speakers with Morel components. Audioquest and Monster cables.
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Audio Research engineers were given a simple mission in designing the LS2: create the best line-stage preamplifier ever, but skip the frills. The remarkably successful outcome also happens to be affordable. Approaching the theoretic ideal of a straight wire with gain, the LS2 maintains optimal signal purity by offering only the most essential control functions: a precision four section, 41 detent attenuator and a gold contact input selector switch. For ultimate sonic fidelity, the LS2 owner may select the Direct Gain Path - a separate set of inputs which routes the incoming source signal directly to the attenuator and on to the gain stage. Additional controls include manual muting complementing a sophisticated auto muting circuit and switch defeatable tape outputs, used to prevent adverse loading effects when some tape recorders are connected to the tape outputs.

Audio Research LS2 Preamplifiers



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