Cantucci e vin santo

The perfect Tuscan dessert combo

cantucci e vin santo


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The wines may also be described as straw wines since they are often produced by drying the freshly harvested grapes on straw mats in a warm and well ventilated area of the house. However, several producers dry the grapes by hanging on racks indoors. Though technically a dessert wine, a Vin Santo can vary in sweetness levels from bone dry like a Fino Sherry to extremely sweet. While the style is believed to have originated in Tuscany, examples of Vin Santo can be found throughout Italy and it is an authorised style of wine for several Denominazione di origine controllata DOCs and Indicazione geografica tipica IGTs. Although the style of making wine from dried grapes has been around almost as long as wine has been made , there are many theories on how the particular name Vin Santo or "holy wine" came to be associated with this style of wine in Italy. The most likely origin was the wine's historic use in the Catholic Mass , where sweet wine was often preferred. Eventually the term "vinsanto" became almost an umbrella name for this style of wine produced elsewhere in Italy.

Biscotti vs. The unleavened wafers, flavoured with almonds which at the time were plentiful, were baked once to cook them and again to completely draw out the moisture, resulting in a hard, dry texture and a shelf-life so long that the philosopher Pliny the Elder once reportedly boasted that they would be edible for centuries. When the Roman Empire collapsed, the cookies disappeared until the Renaissance. The reemergence of biscotti began when cuisine blossomed in Tuscany, along with everything else; the reintroduction of the Roman treat is attributed to a Pratese baker who recreated the same almond-flavoured biscotti because of the plentiful almond groves that grew in Prato that had once fuelled and sustained the soldiers of the Roman Legions, but instead paired it with a local sweet wine, turning the emergency-fuel snack into a dessert to be savoured and enjoyed. Flavours quickly expanded, limited only to what lay within the imagination of Tuscan bakers.

The delicious Cantucci are fragrant little treats made of flour, eggs, pine nuts and almonds. They are the kings of the Italian biscotti, the representation par excellence of our love for the sweet, crunchy notes that make life worth living. What we know for sure it that they are the product of ancient Tuscan traditions. Like it often happens in the Italian peninsula, where the most famous dishes come from the kitchen of the poor villagers, every recipe handed down from generation to generation has its own little variation: a personal touch, a secret ingredient, a pinch of something special grandma added because she loved it too much. My grandma always used butter and I adored her Cantucci and their soft heart, but I know many families who like them dry and rustic, and even use whole, unpeeled almonds to underline the rough texture, the perfect companion for the sweetness of the classic Vin Santo.

cantucci e vin santo m pl (plural only). A dessert consisting of a glass of Vin Santo and a selection of almond biscotti to be dunked in the wine and eaten.
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It was covered with a rustic tablecloth, the typical tablecloth you find in the busy Italian weekly markets. Anna opened the kitchen cabinet and took a carafe filled with an amber coloured liquid and a jar with long biscuits in it. Cantucci — also called Biscotti di Prato — were first documented in a manuscript in the 18 th century, which is now conserved in the State Archive of Prato, near Florence. When preparing Cantucci, first, the dough in the form of big sausages is baked, then the biscuits are cut and baked again. The result is a hard, crunchy and very delicious sweet treat. They are too hard for most people, that is why it is commonly dipped into a small glass of Vin Santo. For me, Vin Santo was not the only accompaniment for the biscuits.

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If you come in Tuscany “Cantucci and Vinsanto” is a dessert that you must try out. Here some secrets about these two Tuscan specialities!!!.
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