Il cinema ritrovato bologna

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2019

il cinema ritrovato bologna

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2019. Intervista a Nicolas Winding Refn

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Il Cinema Ritrovato. This happened also to be my final image, projected in 35mm on the screen before me, of Il Cinema Ritrovato, the blissful, week-long festival in Bologna, Italy that each year offers itself up as an event of seemingly endless Elysian splendour. In the seven days I was in town, I saw 28 features, several episodes of two silent serials and countless short films. Last month, my matinee screening of Avengers: Endgame had the first large crowd I had seen in a multiplex in years. It was perhaps inevitable that something would tarnish an otherwise inoffensive experience: ugly digital tears spread across the centre of the image for much of the movie and an overworked staff did not respond to multiple pleas for it to be fixed. Like many of such places, film festivals are scrambling to cultivate specific audiences, to accommodate technology like VR and to attract high-profile talent, even though there are more festivals for this same talent to be spread across than ever. When at Il Cinema Ritrovato, it is easy to take massive crowds for granted.

A few years back, when the world may not have been young but this blog certainly was, and I had begun to hit the silent film festival trail, I received some alarming advice from Neil Brand. By Bologna, Neil meant Il Cinema Ritrovato , a festival of archive cinema that takes place every summer. Ritrovato means something like rediscovered. So, fittingly this festival shows rediscovered films, but also rarely seen films, films on rare formats and vintage prints, and newly restored films too. Largely, anything more than thirty years old qualifies for the festival, which gives it a giant scope.

If you work in a cinema you have to go to the cinema — your own and others, as often as you can. It offers a week of big screen romance and an invitation to embark upon a lifetime love affair with the movies. Meeting and mingling with like-minded cinephiles, Bologna played host to a carefully choreographed dance routine; we waltzed, back and forth between cinema venues; swooned, then folded into our cinema seats as the lights dimmed; tangoed our way towards the piazza when night fell; and lost ourselves in endless impassioned conversation over an Aperol Spritz after viewing gave way to enthusiastic applause. During workshops on film education and film heritage we talked about our own first connections with cinema, proving with our passion that audiences do start young and, more significantly, that the connections are so often made with films from the past. So too was the focus on doing in connection with viewing — cinema is not a passive art, it asks something of us and, when we are young if not also as we age! While new discoveries are always a treat at a festival such as this, it was the films I had already seen that led to more profound experiences for me this time around. A film I was obsessed with as a teenager and must have watched some twenty or more times , I was struck by how odd and how brilliant the film seemed now in queering classic narrative paradigms.

It has become a well-established event for archivists, restorers, historians, movie fans and film professionals in general, bringing over 3, guests from sixty-six countries and an increasingly younger audience. The screenings of films were attended by more than , spectators. One of the main reasons for its success is undoubtedly the ten evening screenings in Piazza Maggiore where an audience of almost 5, people can watch films on the big screen. The first lecture will analyse all the steps of the festival organization , the 32 years history, the film selection process, the instruments to handle films in all formats, the subtitling systems, the catalogue production, the photo research, the communication strategies, the online database, the musical events, the national distribution called Il Cinema Ritrovato al Cinema, the international project called Il Cinema Ritrovato on Tour, the organization of exhibitions, the book and DVD publishing, …… Everything you always wanted to know about film festival, but were afraid to ask…. The second lecture will analyse the budget of the festival on different levels. The local funding from Cineteca di Bologna and private sponsors.

Ritrovato Roundtable: Il Cinema Ritrovato 2019 podcast

Photo: National Archives of Georgia. - The Bologna suntans are fading but the Il Cinema Ritrovato memories are still vivid. If you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave a rating or review too.

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2019: Forgotten Fragments and Technicolor

The most exciting week of the year — at least for cinephiles, romantics and people of good taste — is fast approaching. Il Cinema Ritrovato opens Saturday 22nd and is going to unravel its magic up until Sunday 30th. About films from over cinematheques will form the usual, sumptuous party of vintage cinema, lost masterpieces, rare documents from past eras and sophisticated gems. Because yes, il Cinema Ritrovato is also that thing that turns Piazza Maggiore into a massive open air cinema, but no, it is not only that. So, even if you are not a hardcore cinephile, keep in mind that this festival only comes once a year.


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