Adagio di albinoni violino

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adagio di albinoni violino

The Adagio in G minor for violin, strings and organ continuo, is a neo-Baroque composition popularly attributed to the 18th-century Venetian.

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The Adagio in G minor for violin , strings , and organ continuo is a neo-Baroque composition commonly attributed to the 18th-century Venetian master Tomaso Albinoni , but actually composed by 20th-century musicologist and Albinoni biographer Remo Giazotto , purportedly based on the discovery of a manuscript fragment by Albinoni. There is a continuing scholarly debate about whether the alleged fragment was real, or a musical hoax perpetrated by Giazotto, but there is no doubt about Giazotto's authorship of the remainder of the work. According to Giazotto, he obtained the document shortly after the end of World War II from the Saxon State Library in Dresden which had preserved most of its collection, though its buildings were destroyed in the bombing raids of February and March by the British and American Air Forces. Giazotto concluded that the manuscript fragment was a portion of a church sonata sonata da chiesa , one of two standard forms of the trio sonata in G minor composed by Albinoni, possibly as part of his Op. In his account, Giazotto then constructed the balance of the complete single-movement work based on this fragmentary theme. The piece is most commonly orchestrated for string ensemble and organ, or string ensemble alone, but with its growing fame has been transcribed for other instruments. The composition has also permeated popular culture, having been used as background music for many films, in television programmes, and in advertisements see below.

Many composers have attained fame through a single work which has gone on to become an international favorite, and Tomaso Albinoni would have belonged to that category if it were not for the fact that the famous Albinoni Adagio was not written by him. This soulful and elegiac work was in fact created by the Italian musicologist Remo Giazotto , who came across a tiny manuscript fragment consisting of just a few measures of the melody line and basso continuo part among relics in a library collection in Dresden, shortly after the end of World War II. After considering the evidence, Giazotto concluded that he had unearthed a portion of a church sonata sonata da chiesa which he presumed had been composed by Albinoni , possibly as part of his Op. On the basis of these findings, Giazotto proceeded to construct a complete single-movement work around the fragmentary theme he had ascribed to the Venetian master. The scoring, for organ and strings, and indeed the key of G minor, lend themselves to a mood of great solemnity, and the melody is a magnificent one no matter who composed it, with outbursts of quasi-improvised melancholy that suggests the tragic passion of an opera.

While famous in his day as an opera composer, he is known today for his instrumental music, especially his concertos. Born in Venice , Republic of Venice , to Antonio Albinoni, a wealthy paper merchant in Venice, he studied violin and singing. Relatively little is known about his life especially considering his contemporary stature as a composer, and the comparatively well-documented period in which he lived. His first opera, Zenobia, regina de Palmireni , was produced in Venice in Albinoni was possibly employed in as a violinist to Charles IV, Duke of Mantua , to whom he dedicated his Opus 2 collection of instrumental pieces. In , he married Margherita Rimondi; Antonino Biffi, the maestro di cappella of San Marco was a witness, and evidently was a friend of Albinoni.

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Free violin sheet music for Adagio in G minor by Albinoni with backing tracks to play along.
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