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The purine derivative PI-55 blocks cytokinin action via receptor inhibition.

pi po pa block

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One of several potential approaches to study mechanisms of action of biologically active compounds is to develop their agonists and antagonists. In the present study, we report the identification of the first known molecule antagonizing the activity of the plant hormone cytokinin at the receptor level. This compound, 6- 2-hydroxymethylbenzylamino purine, designated PI in the present study, is structurally closely related to cytokinin 6-benzylaminopurine, but substitutions at specific positions of the aromatic side chain strongly diminished its cytokinin activity and conferred antagonistic properties. Cytokinin bioassays also demonstrated the anticytokinin effect of PI in several other species. Furthermore, we show that PI accelerated the germination of Arabidopsis seeds and promoted the root growth and formation of lateral roots, thus phenocopying the known consequences of a lowered cytokinin status and demonstrating its potential to inhibit cytokinin perception in planta.

Infant brain damage is a serious condition that affects millions of babies each year. Although there are a myriad of causes, the end result usually means that the baby may experience longterm, permanent neurological problems and a wide range of physical problems. The good news is that most infant brain injuries are mild, and in many instances, infants are able to fully physically recover with the right treatment. It may takes a long time for recovery, sometimes even years, despite myths that people with mild brain injuries recover quickly. In addition, the baby may have good days and bad days. For example, one day the infant may coo and. To determine the initial inflammatory cytokine response in term infants born to mothers with clinical chorioamnionitis and to assess whether the cytokine response is associated with birth depression, abnormal neurologic examination brain injury in term infants.

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