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Les confidences de Lea Salame -5- #BeyrouthConversations

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In , the Syrian army briefly shut down the newspaper because of its stance against its military intervention in Lebanon. The anti-Syrian regime editorial line was confirmed in after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and since, the newspaper has been known to support the March 14 Alliance. The paper covers politics, local and international news, finance, economics, culture, entertainment, and sports. Pharaon 2. Choueiri Family. Pharaon Family.

The Independent, U. These forces are convinced that ISIL is a 'giant with feet of clay' that for the moment has a role to play, but which will leave the scene once its 'mission' is accomplished. For advocates of this thesis, the situation remains well under control, at least as far as the Americans are concerned, who, after having promised a strong reaction to ISIL , continue to reduce their assistance to the Iraqi regime, which they themselves established. By Scarlett Haddad. Translated By Martyn Fogg. July 6, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-styled 'caliph' of the newly-declared Islamic State: Al-Baghdadi came out of the shadows Saturday, after reports emerged that he had been killed or badly injured.

Ross Mountain and Mr. Jamal Zein signing the Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement aims at establishing a framework of cooperation between the parties in printing, distributing and translating three issues of the UNDP "Peace Building in Lebanon" joint news supplement, issued in both French and English. It contains articles by writers, journalists, media professionals, researchers and artists from Lebanon and Syria; which cover the repercussions of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon and the relations between Lebanese and Syrians, employing objective approaches, free of hatred and misconceptions. Mountain noted that as elsewhere around the globe, media in Lebanon affects how people think and how they understand and interpret situations. Raymond Tarabay, Cooperation Consultant at the German Embassy in Lebanon pointed out that no country in the Arab region enjoys media freedom like Lebanon, and that various press outlets meeting and working on a unified theme is an excellent example of this.

The defense team for Hussein Oneissi made their submissions Tuesday for the acquittal of their client, in what was a tense day at the Special Tribunal for Cabinet is likely to meet Thursday in what would be its first full session since Prime Minister Saad Hariri retracted his resignation earlier this month. French President Emmanuel Macron has a lot of balls in the air in the Middle East, having jumped into the center of the confusion created by Prime Minister Prime Minister Saad Hariri is set to travel to France for an official visit, local media reported Friday. Ninety-two-year-old author, poet and artist Etel Adnan was presented with the University Medal from the American University of Beirut to honor her Well-known Lebanese cartoonist Stavro Jabra was laid to rest Tuesday. Renowned Lebanese cartoonist Stavro Jabra was laid to rest on Tuesday after battling a chronic illness.

ABC and L’Orient-Le Jour publishes two articles of Pilar Lara Alen, the President of the FPSC

L'Orient le Jour

The Nation, U. These 'ugly' mercenaries are therefore to be found in Middle East countries, in Afghanistan and even in Latin America, notably alongside Colombian rebels or Peruvian drug traffickers. Barack Obama, who has committed not to send GI's to the banks of the Euphrates River, but who hasn't breathed a word about an eventual 'civilian' presence - is gambling on it. By Christian Merville. Translated By Martyn Fogg. October 29, Need an army to wage war in your place?

Read the newspaper's articles and follow-up with the ongoing news during the day. L'Orient-Le Jour is your number 1 source for Lebanon news, regional news, and international news in French. Version 2. Excellent news app! Also glad to keep up my French vocabulary. But please fix "push" notice as continues despite turning off in Settings. Needs more depth.

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