Marchese ferdinando panciatichi ximenes d aragona

Ferdinando Panciatichi XImenes d'Aragona

marchese ferdinando panciatichi ximenes d aragona


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The history of the place however is significantly older: it is possible to trace it back to the Roman period, as well as to the subsequent centuries. In the "History of Florence" written by the great historian Davidsohn, it is reported that in Charlemagne could have passed by the place on his way back from Rome, where he went to have his son baptized by the Pope. The land on which Sammezzano is erected has always been owned by very influential and powerful families. The estate remained in possession of the Ximenes d'Aragona family until the last successor, Ferdinando, who died in A cabreum of hence prior to the renovation of Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona written by the engineer Giuseppe Faldi reported a structure with majestic size, protective barriers and with entrance steps that were situated on the opposite side of the current stairway. The cultural wave of "orientalism" spread around Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century and Florence was one of the main centers.

January 16, Shortlisted Italy. The Castle of Sammezzano is a rare example of eclectic and Moorish architecture in Europe and is unique in this part of Italy. The Castle of Sammezzano is a sprawling mansion of 65 rooms. The 15 vibrantly decorated reception rooms on the first floor are the ones which have made Sammezzano famous. The entire building is one of the most striking and important examples of Orientalism in Italy. In addition, the castle is set in a park of acres hectares , which boasts many extraordinary exotic tree species and has the highest number of Giant Sequoias in Italy Following the Second World War, the castle became a luxury hotel.

The Castle of Sammezzano is a rare example of eclectic and Moorish architecture in Europe. Following the Second World War, the castle became a luxury hotel. However, for over 25 years the site has been unoccupied and neglected with its ownership remaining insecure. As a result, broken windows have gone unmended and leaking roofs unrepaired, which in turn led to severe water damage and major deterioration of the fabric of the building. The lack of security has laid the site bare to thefts and vandalism.

Castle of Sammezzano, Tuscany, ITALY

Campaign for unique castle to be open all year

Marchese Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d’Aragona

Nel vendette al granduca Leopoldo II di Toscana , poco prima dell'esilio volontario di quest'ultimo dovuta all'imminente guerra franco-piemontese contro l'Austria, parte del suo patrimonio librario a quella che era ancora definita Biblioteca Palatina e che successivamente con la Biblioteca Magliabechiana pochi anni dopo costituiranno la Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze. Amante dell'arte e collezionista di oltre quadri di pregio, parte dei quali oggi sono ospitati nei maggiori musei di tutto il mondo, possedeva una Galleria e Museo in parte nel suo palazzo in Borgo Pinti e in parte al Castello di Sammezzano di eccezionale valore che metteva a disposizione di chi voleva visitarla dietro pagamento di un regolare biglietto. Trascorse qui i suoi anni sovrintendendo egli stesso alla messa in opera del suo Sogno d'Oriente, leggendo sui libri, disegnando egli stessi i racemi e i disegni che tuttora sono visibili nelle stanze del Castello. Cardini, C. Aschengreen e A.

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Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona



Il marchese Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona (Firenze, 10 marzo – Reggello, 18 ottobre ) e stato un politico, architetto, ingegnere, botanico.
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