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Test Medicina 2017: Chimica - Acidi e basi

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We are publishing original, review articles and case reports in all basic, clinical and experimental areas of human health. Starting the journal is edited in English and the abstracts and key-words are both in English and Romanian. There is no publication fee for authors in Medicina Moderna- Modern Medicine. When a surgical team is dealing with an after-hours colorectal surgery, they are actually confronting with a chain of elements and events, some linked to the patient and severity of the surgical case, others related to the medical team ability […]. Read More…. Since its fi rst description in by Freudenberger, the phenomenon of burnout has been studied intensively by many scholars in the past decades and stakeholders are getting more and more aware of the problematic burnout poses in the professional […].

The brightest minds and influential decision makers gather in Vilnius, Lithuania on the th of June to discuss regional and global challenges, share views on innovations and create possibilities to solve pressing economic and social challenges. The organizers — Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania and the driving force of innovations implementation the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology MITA are ready to challenge everyone to project how Lithuania and the world are going to change in 10 years. Also one of the most accomplished multi-skilled directors helping the company grow sales since from cars pr. Always driven by a passion for sustainable innovation. His first mission was aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, in , which dropped him off for a 95 day mission aboard the International Space Station after which he returned to Earth aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Get a first glimpse in our video! Unfortunately, more and more pathogens emerge that are resistant to drugs, especially antibiotics. We need to use our drugs smartly and come up with technical solutions as well to prevent our weapons from blunting in the future. Movement, strength and coordination - after injuries as well as in healthy athletes, these three components must be intact for movements to run smoothly. At the Beta Klinik in Bonn, Dr. Markus Klingenberg offers a neuromuscular training with a playful character.

The research was carried out in four stages and combined qualitative and quantitative methods, analyzing the perspectives of patients, doctors and medical students through surveys and interviews as well as looking at online doctor-patient communication in health forums. In all four stages, the results of the research showed that little value was placed on the subjective experience of disease in doctor-patient interactions. Mishler EG. The discourse of medicine: Dialectics of medical interviews. Norwood: Ablex Publishing Company; He demonstrated that in a typical therapeutic session the voice of the lifeworld is suppressed for the benefit of the voice of medicine, hence there are rigid boundaries within which patients are permitted to express their understanding of their problems. In the Modern era, the patient approves of being defined by medical discourse, accepts the sick role and acquires medical terms when needed.

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