Ferragosto a milano 2017

Ferragosto 2017 - Picture of Hotel Montecarlo, Milano Marittima

ferragosto a milano 2017

Papeete Beach Ferragosto 2018 Milano Marittima

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If yes, a simple question may come to your mind… does Milan shut down in August? Ferragosto is considered the core of summer , a mix of a religious and a cultural celebration in which Italians stop working to go on a short trip, party or simply relax. August for Milanese is typically the month for holidays , especially on its two central weeks, but there are no fixed rules on summer closures ; this means that every shop owner or museum may decide independently the opening days and hours of their activities. On 12 August, at 9pm, audiences will be treated to a unique piano recital by Andrea Vizzini broadcast through wireless headphones, the ideal choice for those in search of an unconventional, emotion-filled experience while, on 23 August, the notes of Venetian Baroque will merge with the rhythms of Argentinian tango during a creative revival of some of the best-loved classics of 18th century music. An absolute must for lovers of Latin American culture is Milano Latin Festival, a full festival of extravaganza dedicated to Latin American music, dance and culture.

It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. Ferragosto is a widely celebrated national holiday in Italy during the summer. This event involves a horse race around the Piazza in the city. Firework celebrations also take place on evening of Assumption Day. Assumption Day is a nationwide public holiday in Italy.

Everything you need to know about Ferragosto

Ferragosto is a very important holiday in Italy but shops are no longer required to close on this day though so most big stores in the center are open. It can be difficult to find a table at a restaurant unless you book because, although it is true that most Italians tradtionally go away on vacation in August, more and more people choose other periods and today Milan is no longer completely empty., To read the italian version click here. We here at Flawless Milano believe that the best way of keeping true to those resolutions is to reward yourself once in a while.

Assumption of Mary / Ferragosto in Italy

August 15th is when Roman Catholics celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven - the day when Catholics believe Mary ascended to heaven "body and soul" after the end of her life on earth. Ferragosto, the Italian name for the holiday, comes from the Latin Feriae Augusti the festivals of the Emperor Augustus which were introduced back in 18 BC, probably to celebrate a battle victory, and were celebrated alongside other ancient Roman summer festivals. These festivities were linked to the longer Augustali period - intended to be a period of rest after months of hard labour. In Roman times, the celebrations included horse races, and the Siena Palio dell'Assunta, which takes place on August 16th, keeps these traditions alive. Today, the holiday combines both its ancient Roman and Catholic roots; it also marks the semi-official start of Italy's summer holiday season. It's traditional to use the August long weekend to take a trip, usually escaping the heat at the seaside, lakes or mountains, so if you stay in town you'll notice it's much quieter than usual. While the beaches in Italy often look like this throughout August, the streets of many towns and cities are deserted.


August 2017 in Milan: What to Do




The Local looks at the history behind Ferragosto, and how you can celebrate the This article was originally published on August 14th,
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