Asking for and giving personal information


asking for and giving personal information

ASKING AND GIVING PERSONAL INFORMATION. When asking and giving personal information we use these questions and answers: What's your name?.

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Present Perfect. Present Simple vs. Online Membership Download the Entire Library. Return to Sender. Here is an entertaining activity to help beginners practice asking and answering personal information questions about names and addresses. The students are divided into two groups. Each student in one group is given an identity card and each student in the other group is given a letter card.

Personal information questions are the basis for any conversation in English and so are important for when you meet somebody for the first time. They are the building blocks from which the rest of the conversation can develop. Some common questions and a correct form for the answer are as follows: Notice that we are giving our answers in complete sentences to practice using them though normally we only give short answers. Is there any food that you do not like? The structure of the question may be very different to your own native languages but there are rules concerning the structure of sentences in English. For more information regarding the correct use of the question words such as What , Where , How and When refer to our student notes on Question Words. With just a little practice you can become very good at asking and answering these basic questions with any native English speaker.

This is the third class in our short course on Basic Spanish. In the first class we learnt how to introduce yourself in Spanish , while in the second we saw — surprise, surprise — how to introduce others. Whenever we sign up for something new -a course, a new gym membership, or even when you open a bank account-, we need to give some personal information. I live in Medellin. Verbs are always conjugated to show each person and each tense. You only need to make sure you use the right conjugation!

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A2 – Lesson 01 – Giving and Asking For Personal Information – Test

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