Maratona di venezia 2017 percorso

Venice Marathon

maratona di venezia 2017 percorso

The Venice Marathon is a marathon road race that has been held each year in.

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April 5 th will be a significant date in the history of the Generali Milano Marathon. The Generali Milano Marathon offers a modern and complete course , which combines the smoothness requested by top runners and fast amateurs , with the opportunity to admire and enjoy an increasingly beautiful city in its combination of historical and contemporary elements. By running in April along the streets of Milan, runners will have the opportunity to earn points to qualify for the first World Age final in London. The route of the Generali Milano Marathon will not be much different from the route As soon as possible we will announce any change or upgrade. Participation is allowed for athletes aged 20 and over and those who turn 20 in Requirements for participation vary depending on nationality, residence and membership or less for a Federation of Athletics.

Refreshments provided at km 6 for the competitive , 11, 16 and at the finish line. Path completely flat and illuminated. Departure at Refreshments planned at 6 km and on arrival. A new location. A new path, among the wonders of the centre of Rome. Roma by Night Run changes its dress and takes on the history of the Capital.

Marathon Events in Milan 2017

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Like every year the not marathon runners, who want to play an active role in a big sport event, can join the event through the Relay Marathon: the relay is open to the team composed by 4 members and each member will have to run the race in homogeneous fractions. The relay is strictly linked to the Charity Program, the fundraising project which allows all the runners to run for a non-profit organization of their choice, contributing to the fundraising allocated for the single supportive projects. Discover the route, the length of the different fractions and the fixed point of change to organize better the relay with your teammates. The route of the Relay Marathon will not be much different from the route As soon as possible we will announce any change or upgrade.

Spring is finally arriving and with it the racing season is coming with it. The streets of Milan will be blocked off to allow runners to compete and challenge themselves on different routes at different distances. It is essential to set your goals early, so Flawless Milano is here to help you plan out your running calendar this year. Photo Credit. For Italian runners, this race is a must. This is the most popular half marathon and face in Italy.




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