Tor des geants live gara

GTC 2017 - LIVE GARA 105Km 75Km 30Km

tor des geants live gara

Tor des Geants 2018


If you have any races your want covered or running-women you want applauded just let us know. Scroll down to find all the results from the weekend just gone and some previews for those ahead. Sorry for the late publishing this week. I was too busy worrying about racing, not sleeping enough related to small-fry, not race nerves and then racing and eating all the food. Anyway, I was only doing a 10k, which is a brutal distance for a long-distance lover but no-where near the lung burning horrific-ness of a Mile race and so, I doff my hat to those who took place London's What we thought was a freak occurrence for the London Marathon when it hit 26c has in fact turned out to be an actual summer. So, evening races have not been the cool post-work conditions that can normally be banked on and evening track sessions have been sweaty, messy affairs.

It provides prizes for all participants who complete the run before the cutoff. The start and the finish are in Courmayeur. There are 43 refreshment points at which the runners can eat, sleep and, if needed, obtain medical care. There are also 7 life bases, which are bigger than refreshment points. Because of its difficulty, many athletes do not complete the trail. Around volunteers are used to organize the race.

We need your help. Latest News. Lesch-Nyhan disease: new perspectives in the description and in diagnostic, therapeutic and health service approach. The meeting is intended to gather different expertise mainly focusing on neurological and behavioral aspects of the disease, specific tools to be used for patient quality of life dental bit es, special wheelchairs, physiotherapy , medical aspects such as renal problems. We also hope to have some focus on research in view of specific therapies.

Tor des Geants

Sherpa Vertical is an uphill race for charity. Balasso 1, m and arrival at Cima Palon 2, m. More information: www.


From Sunday 13th of September departure of the Tor des Geants until Sunday 20 th of September the date of the award ceremony you'll be welcome to our booth at Courmayeur. We will also be present to the basis of Cogne and Gressoney to provide medical assistance to athletes who need. Last year I used a bandage with a patch in "non-woven" TNT , which worked well beyond expectations, with runners having run up to km without having to renew, and above all, no more pain complain! In this video, I explain how to wrap the bandage by yourself or with the help of the companion inside the base-stations. Marco Patacchini. It was held on Friday August 7th at the Jardin de l'Ange in Courmayeur, the meeting with many trail enthusiasts who have shared with us and Grivel the passion for the sport and for the mountains.





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