Medicina e chirurgia unict

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medicina e chirurgia unict

Inaugurazione Polo didattico "Attilio Basile" - Facolta di Medicina (Universita di Catania)

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Different clinical features of diabetic patients and type of complications are certainly a critical components of the global individual perception of quality of life qol ; but also personal socio-cultural characteristics interfere concurrently. Qol in diabetes was assessed considering disease grade, complications and level of instruction in a population of diabetic patients 30 m, 70 f , aged SIP is an index of psycho-social, physical and motor functionality; FLI derives from a scale devised for cancer patients and adapted to diabetic patients. Both were analysed by Spearman correlation test, and assayed vs. Neuro-muscular ailments were more prevalent in women; men experience severe limitations of working capacities an relational possibilities, with severe discomfort.

Personal Information:. Work Experience:. March up to today. Scientific Tutor: prof. Research Activity proved by the scientific publications and the research projects :.

Email: nstrazzanti lex. Virlinzi, Via Roccaromana. Medical and paramedical personnel and places. Education and training. Systems diseases and symptoms. Taking a history. Parts of speech.

DIPARTIMENTO DI CHIRURGIA GENERALE E SPECIALITA MEDICO- CHIRURGICHE Corso di laurea magistrale in Medicina e chirurgia. Anno accademico.
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He is Director of the Institute of Internal and Emergency Medicine at the main teaching hospital of the University of Catania where he coordinates a large staff of senior physicians, young residents, nurses and administrative clerks. He is also the Director of the School of Specialization in Rheumatology and the Founder and Director of the Center for Tobacco Research at the same University, where contracted research staff conducts high profile clinical and behavioural research. The focus of his academic research has been historically centered upon the investigation of mechanisms of inflammation, biomarkers of disease activity, and novel drug target discovery in the area of respiratory medicine asthma, COPD, rhinitis and clinical immunology allergic and autoimmune diseases. Nonetheless, over the last 10 years, his main research interest has progressively shifted in the area of tobacco-related diseases, smoking prevention and cessation, tobacco harm reduction and e-vapour products. More specifically, he has been involved in the behavioural, clinical, physiological and toxicological evaluation of e-cigarettes for over 6 years. PI of the first RCT in the world about effectiveness and tolerability of e-cigarettes the ECLAT study , he is the most prolific author in the field of e-cigarettes, according to a recent bibliometric research H. Zyoud et al.

Vittorio Calabrese


He is collaborating with several researchers and excellence centres in foreign and Italian universities. He is Principal Investigator or scientific collaborator in a number of Italian and international peer-reviewed research projects. Dr Musumeci has been awarded national and international research prizes. Musumeci has trained numerous Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows. His major research interest is on morphological, molecular and biochemical aspects of osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal disorders and the relative effects of diet, ageing and physical activity.

Degree in Medicine on April 9 th , , with magna cum laude, University of Catania. Thesis: Modifications of brain lipid metabolism during aging. Thesis: Oxidative stress in central nervous system.

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