Animator vs animation original game

Animator v Animation Game

animator vs animation original game

animator vs. animation: the game

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JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! Click here for more information. Last year, Alan Becker created two clever Flash animations about an invisible animator battling his stick figure creation. Both Animator vs. Animation clips were big hits, and now with the help of Charles Yeh, the episodes have taken the interactive leap to become a full-blown fighting game: The Animator vs. Animation Game. You can play as either the animator or animation after unlocking the latter , each trying his best to eliminate the other player.

You are not logged in. Only registered users can vote without verification. Please login or register , or complete the verification. Now you can get into action and play as either the oppressive Animator, or the rebellious Animation. Flash games are blocked by default in Chrome browser. In order to play them, we suggest you to use Firefox. Next addition in xx:xx.

If you're a retailer, please pledge any tier, or no reward and contact "Yo" either via private message or at yo. The Official Card Game , we have gathered experience that will be useful for this project as well. We had the experience with our previous game Monsters' Party; Voodoo Madess , and the result was really good, a very high percentage of the games were delivered early.
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Sat Sep 1, , PM. I'm doing missionary work with my church, traveling around the country for a year, so I only get internet time for 1 hr a month torture isn't it? I doubt I can reply to your replies. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Is there anything I can do about this?

Animation web series and its spin-offs Animation vs. Minecraft AVM , Animation vs. YouTube featuring many well-known YouTubers , Animation vs. League of Legends and Animation vs. Becker was born on May 18, Since his youth, Becker had been an avid fan of animation.

Those who use Macromedia Flash MX to create their animations can go too far sometimes. This game was inspired by Re-Animator, the movie based on one of Lovecraft's works. He wrote the Cthulhu mythos amongst other masterpieces. Enjoy the sequel to Plants vs Zombies, the most famous defense game in the world. Arrange several kinds of plants on the game screen and try to stop the zombie waves.

Animator Vs. Animation 2

Search this site., You can either view the tutorial or go straight into the game with the option of playing as the Animator, then unlocking the ability to play as the Animation, then after that the option to play 'Multiplayer' although it's not online is available. The animator as a number of tools to choose from like the Brush tools, which can be used a a fairly strong.

Animator vs. Animation II (original)



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