Top spin 5 ps4

What happened to Top Spin 5? Tennis games for PS4 and Xbox One

top spin 5 ps4

What happened to Top Spin 5 and is there any good tennis games to play on PS4 and Xbox One while Wimbledon rolls on. It's currently.

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Not only does Top Spin 4 succeed at being one of the most accurate tennis simulations available, but its new training modes and shot assists make it accessible for newcomers to the sport too. Whether you're playing a simple exhibition match, shooting it out in a grand slam, or showcasing your skills in online tournaments, each and every match is full of the drama and thrilling spectacle that make tennis such an exciting sport. There's a heap of content to explore, with a deep career mode and an improved character leveling system that ensures your hard work never goes unrewarded, letting you compete in online matches with a player you can truly call your own. Character customization lies at the heart of Top Spin 4, since your creations can be used in both online and offline modes. You choose the gender of your character, along with a number of attributes, including height, facial features, and clothing. There are also settings for tennis style and behavior, which change the animation of forehands, backhands, and serves.

Anyone for tennis? Play these top games and you won't be disappointed. Fans of tennis games have had somewhat of a rough ride over the past few years. Current-gen consoles were completely devoid of the sport until a few months ago, and even backwards compatibility has failed to re-introduce past favourites such as Top Spin and Virtua Tennis to the Xbox One. Fortunately, has reignited the spark, introducing a brand-new set of titles encompassing everything from arcade contests to full-on tennis sims.

Despite being a popular sport worldwide, there's currently only one PS4 tennis game. Originally released on PS2 in , Hot Shots Tennis originally called Everybody's Tennis in Europe was re-released with updated p graphics and trophy support in , but is essentially the same sports game as the PS2 original. Join the tennis games PS4 debate. Apart from that, there's only three other tennis videogame in development for PS4. Next up is Tennis World Tour, a simulation of the popular sport was is due to be released in You can check it out in action below:. You can also expect tons of customization options.

In April , Bigben Interactive, revealed they were planning a tennis game for to be released worldwide. He said that since Top Spin 4 came out in , technology has advanced and that now they can create "the ultra-realistic simulation that we've always dreamed of. Later a video confirmed that they will motion captured real tennis players to get the animations to be as close to real-life as possible. In April it was confirmed that the players Angelique Kerber and Roger Federer would be featured in the game. Later it was revealed along with other players announced, that the game would feature 30 licensed tennis players. It was confirmed also that the game would have fantasy tournaments and arenas. It was told that they didn't use focus on tournament licenses during development but more on getting licensed players.

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I had the chance to play roughly three hours of the Tennis World Tour Beta yesterday and I'd love to share my experience with you guys. First of all: I don't have.
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