Iphone 1 vs 2

Comparing the latest iPhones: iPhone XR vs. XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus

iphone 1 vs 2

iPhone 6s vs 1st Gen iPhone!

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Have ever asked yourself when the first iPhone came out? We've got the full history of the iPhone right here. Did you know that there isn't an iPhone 2? Apple created the first generation iPhone and the one that came after that was all about that 3G internet connectivity. So the number 2 was skipped.

It's difficult to overstate the impact the iPhone has had on the smartphone market: by eschewing the keypad for a touchscreen and adding advanced computer-like capabilities that hadn't been seen before, it set the standard for this modern device. Also missing from the original iPhone was 3G support, the top data speed of the time, though this was added to the second generation the following year along with GPS. The first iPhone had been warmly received but by the 3G model people were really starting to see its long-term potential - and the concurrent launch of the App Store was a huge part of that, a true watershed moment in smartphone history. And so began the Apple tradition of adding an 'S' to the end of the name for a minor iPhone upgrade. The model of the iPhone did bring with it video recording capabilities for the first time, and the camera itself got an upgrade too. The "S" ostensibly stood for speed and reflected the improvements in the internal components, and Voice Control not yet called Siri was added to the iPhone too. If the iPhone 3GS was a smaller step forward, the iPhone 4 was a big one - it had a new, sleeker, more modern look, and massively increased the pixel count while keeping the same 3.

Another year, another batch of new iPhones. So is it worth the upgrade, or should you stick with an older model? For this comparison, we've chosen last year's iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus , as well as 's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. That's because these are the phones you can still buy today, with the surprising exception of the iPhone X. Apple has decided to axe the X before its first birthday, perhaps to help the new models stand out. Whatever the reason, we've included it here in case you have one and are thinking of upgrading or you're considering picking up a second-hand iPhone X from someone chasing a shinier version. Of this year's models, the iPhone XS is the closest to the iPhone X, encased in a shell with the exact same dimensions.

It offered a 3. Critics, however, said the phone was too expensive to do well in the market. On June 9, , a year after the original iPhone went on sale, Apple rolled out its successor, the iPhone 3G. The new model could connect to faster 3G-based networks, included built-in GPS, offered more storage and was cheaper. Although the form factor was unchanged from the previous version, the new iPhone was twice as fast as its predecessor and ran iPhone 3. The iPhone 3GS was available June 19, The redesigned iPhone 4 arrived on June 7, in tandem with the newly-renamed iOS 4, and marked the arrival of FaceTime video chat.

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