Dt swiss ruote strada prezzi

Sganci rapidi per ruote di bici da corsa

dt swiss ruote strada prezzi

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Quale momento migliore per passare alle sensazioni e alle prestazioni superiori delle ruote in carbonio. Al profilo comprovato di 35mm abbiamo aggiunto un cerchio che trasmette una sensazione di totale controllo per creare una ruota da corsa in carbonio accessibile a tutti. Aeolus Pro 3 TLR. Una ruota TLR totalmente in carbonio con freni a cerchio che offre un equilibrio perfetto tra durata, peso e aerodinamica. Progetto collaudato.

Its athletic, intricately machined hubshell is superlight while the 24 mm tall rim has the inherent stiffness necessary for efficient riding and to precisely hold a line. Together with the renowned DT Swiss build quality, this wheel really sets the benchmark for going fast up and down, whether it's between the tape or not. Predictive Steering is a thru axle standard developed by Sram. The compatible DT Swiss components are designed for the highest possible system stiffness of fork and wheel while being as light as possible. This is achieved by a massively increased surface between hub and dropout, an extremely torsionally stiff axle and wide spaced spoke flanges. Pair these attributes with an attractive price, and the choice is easy. The rims have been carefully engineered to feature a profile that minimizes the forces applied on the rim sidewall.

Neben der Entwicklung neuer Produkte, haben wir auch unsere Laufrad Palette neu strukturiert. Genau wie bei den bereits bestehenden Systemen, defniert sich der Name durch die Nabentechnologie. Mehr dazu im Katalog. We are happy to present a variety of new products for the upcoming season. Besides developing new products, we gave our wheel line up a new family structure. Just like the existing line ups, its name derives from the hub shell-technology it utilizes.

QRs have a real history, they were invented by Tullio Camagnolo. He almost despaired when he had to change gears on his rear wheel during a November race in with frozen fingers on the wing nut in particular. Did you know that one had to take off the rear wheel and turn it over in order to get going with another gear? It's true! The rear wheels were equipped with sprockets on both sides Und this is how Tullio's sparkling idea was formed: The quick-release lever for a light and uncomplicated removal and remounting of the rear wheel was born and Tullio protected his idea by registering his first patent.

With its introduction we launch a new and revolutionary road line up. One that picks up modern road riding and takes it to the next level. Altri articoli in questa categoria. Nascondi proposte. DT Swiss.

Ruota da strada Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3 TLR

How To Get Custom Wheels Cheap. DT Swiss And Other Brands.




We develop high-end, lightweight bicycle wheels, forks and shocks which are known for their precision and durability.
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