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official iq test mensa free


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H umans love to know things about themselves, including mundane things like their height and weight, but also how their body works, and how their mind performs. One of the most well-known ratings of performance is the free intelligence quotient test. We have two sets of questions for you to answer on our site, enabling you to discover if you are a thinker and have a great memory and problem-solving skills. An indication of your intelligence score will be given at the end of the tests. This quiz only contains 5 problems and has no time limit. This is the real quiz that Mensa candidates should take.

This quiz is provided for entertainment purposes only; it is not an IQ test. This score will not qualify you for Mensa. The questions on the "Mensa Workout" are biased towards people whose primary language is English. Mensa offers culture-fair testing throughout the world. Many of the questions on the "Mensa Workout" require you to have a graphical browser. The test is still enjoyable for those with text-only browsers, but your overall score may be considerably lower than it might be with a graphical browser.

Our professionally developed IQ test provides an accurate and completely free IQ score in about minutes.
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Quick Quiz 25 questions in minutes. Most high IQ societies limit their membership to those who have scored above the 98th percentile on applicable IQ tests. Applicants who have already done so can apply for high IQ society membership by furnishing proof of their high scores. The score that they receive on the intelligence test will determine if they qualify for membership. However, applicants are encouraged to take practice tests first to help them prepare for the challenge of entering a high IQ society.

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For reference, a score of 37 or higher on our IQ test would equate roughly to the minimum score required to become a member of Mensa. You scored 0 of a possible 0 points, 0. -


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