Zucchero è un peccato morir

zucchero è un peccato morir

Zucchero - E' Un Peccato Morir

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December 8, will be etched in my memory forever as far as concerts go. So, I went to the Instituto Superior de Arte ISA where the concert was held, ready to be amazed with what I was going to hear, but that was not the only thing that the evening had in store for me. I was surprised by the amount of people who like me were arriving at the place eager to get into contact with the Italian star and his music. The second thing that took me by surprise was the size of the stage and the excellent effects including the lighting, which a number of students from the University had a hand in. The open area in front of the School of Music kept filling up endlessly, until at last, the concert was opened by Buena Fe with the crowd singing along. Immediately after that, Buena Fe welcomed Zucchero to the stage.

Language: English Duration: 70 min. Product Description: All music videos should be as extensive as this. There are several audio remixes included on this DVD and those can be accessed during playback to give you an alternate audio track for the same video.
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Zucchero rocks the house at ISA

Zucchero - E' Un Peccato Morir Live Acireale CT By Flash31

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