Made in sud napoli

Made in Sud back in the early evening on Rai Due with new comedians and many surprises

made in sud napoli

Made in sud. napoli. likes. Siamo sempre made in sud.

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On a friend's recommendation, checked out Margo's and was disappointed. The pizza here is 1, times better!!! Truly authentic Neapolitan pizza! And the owner couldn't be friendlier! If you want to enjoy a great pizza - definitely a visit to Made in Sud is a must! Very friendly atmosphere and pizzas meticulously prepared and proudly presented by Rosario who is a great pizzaiolo and host. Menu is varied and satifisfies all tastes for sure.

Made in Sud Show Augusteo Theater. A place that has become with time the forge of Neapolitan actors and comedians who then became known nationally. Made in Sud Show has scheduled other live dates! Show during the year that is about to end, at the Palapartenope Theater and the Augusteo Theater, but Laughhan Made in South Laughter of Naples, fun and comedy with free admission. There is such thing as cause and effect that may make us unable to perform certain tasks like functioning through the day on zero hrs of sleep. However, I find it. Poppy Sued For.

Leading this seventh edition will be the proven and winning quartet of presenters formed by Gigi and Ross , flanked by Elisabetta Gregoraci e Fatima Trotta. The same conductors have announced the surprising news both for the cast and the sketches. In fact, we will be able to attend the performances of new comedians , but the authors have not yet anticipated anything so it will be all by surprise. On stage we will also find the comedians who have brought to success this program written and created by artists almost all from the south of Italy, such as Arteteca, Ciro Giustiniani, Gino Fastidio, the Malincomici, the Gomorroids, the Ditelo you, Maria Bolignano, Paolo Caiazzo, Pasquale Palma and Francesco Cicchella. The latter will be ready to amaze us with his perfect imitations, which have made him the protagonist of the program Such and such a show.

Closed on Sundays. Via Duca di San Donato Via Paolo Emilio Imbriani Via Bisignano Via Carlo de Cesare

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Made in Sud, morto il fonico Mauro Signore: lutto nello show di Rai2

Dimaro 2016, gli highlights della serata Made in Sud

Made In Sud Show Augusteo Napoli






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