Jimmy carter rabbit incident

Jimmy Carter rabbit incident

jimmy carter rabbit incident

The Jimmy Carter rabbit incident, dubbed the "killer rabbit" attack by the press, involved a swamp rabbit that swam toward then–U.S. President Jimmy Carter's.

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The real story is much less exciting and much more sad. As you can see, the incident was neither as exciting nor as violent as I had remembered it — no actual rabbits were harmed in the making of this strange-but-true adventure, but an oar was wielded in monitory fashion by the President himself, who was alone in the fishing boat. Remember, this was James Earl Carter telling the story. Was ever a President more sincere? I mean, this is the man who a few weeks later would go on national TV and told America the truth as he saw it: that the nation was suffering from a crisis of confidence and would have sacrifice together to get through the energy shortage. The malaise speech was delivered in mid-July.

President Jimmy Carter wards off a killer rabbit attack with a canoe paddle in this I didn't know about the rabbit incident until this week.
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Those who remember the 39th presidency may remember an incident with a rabbit and former President Jimmy Carter that happened 40 years ago. On April 15, the year-old and oldest living former president "bagged a turkey" in Columbus, Tyler Jordan posted on Instagram. Carter and the family behind a Georgia camouflage supply store recently went turkey hunting, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. This isn't the first time that the 39th president has gone turkey hunting with the Jordan family, which founded the company Realtree. A photo shows Carter and the family smiling and posing over one of their kills. Carter has written 29 books, some of which discuss his love of hunting and fishing.

Although an experienced reporter, Brooks also failed to appreciate the significance of what he had heard. He did not rush to file an "urgent" story. In fact, he continued the conversation for some period of time and several more cups of tea. Not until the next day did he get around to sending this gripping account out over the wires to a waiting public. And even then it was a pleasant, lighthearted piece.

2010: Jimmy Carter v. the 'Killer Rabbit'

Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident

On April 20, , U. President Jimmy Carter was allegedly " attacked by a giant swimming rabbit " while solo-fishing on a boat in his hometown. The reality is a little more nuanced: According to Carter, the rabbit had actually been chased into the water by some hounds and swam near his boat. Carter splashed some water on it to compel the rabbit not to come any closer. Nevertheless, the newspapers ate it up, reveling in the ridiculous notion that anyone would feel threatened by a rabbit considered to be a small, harmless herbivore [ citation needed ] , with respected paper The Washington Post putting the story "President Attacked by Rabbit" on the front page.

The Swamp Rabbit Blues

He came to see me at my Atlanta office, after his move back to Plains. Our families went to the same church when we were boys, and we had Bible Study together. Our interests were different: One of us was strong and popular, the other was bookish, but it was a small town, and even though there were some differences between us we were thrown together often enough. Typically I was a cowboy and Carter was one of the braves. One time, if I remember right, he was a squaw. Anyway, after some neighborhood unpleasantness my parents moved the family to North Carolina.

The Jimmy Carter rabbit incident , dubbed the " killer rabbit " attack by the press, involved a swamp rabbit that swam toward then— U. President Jimmy Carter 's fishing boat on April 20, The incident caught the imagination of the media after Carter's press secretary mentioned the event to a correspondent months later. President Carter was fishing in his hometown of Plains, Georgia on April 20, , alone in a flat-bottomed boat while staff were on land nearby. Carter said a rabbit being chased by hounds "jumped in the water and swam toward my boat.

I t's the unofficial start of summer, which means it's as good a time as any to revisit one of the greatest vacation moments in American history: when President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit. The incident took place in April , but didn't grip the nation's attention until several months later.
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