Vixx i need therapy

On And On (?? ??? ? ??) (English translation)

vixx i need therapy

I need therapy, La,La,La,La,La therapy [HongBin] Algo tto ppajin nan. Dachil junbiga dwae isseo. [Ravi] Nan neoreul wihan jangnangam moksumeun neul.

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Post a Comment. As you all know, or if you didn't, I plan on having a future career in songwriting or music composition. Basically, until I get better at writing my own melodies, I plan on writing english versions of any foreign music, primarily kpop and jpop stuff. This is a song that was worked on for a friend of mine named Cate. She does it on and on and on She calls my name, disappears in darkness "She is dangerous", so they say, I don't really care I see how She looks at me like a wolf Hungry for her next meal A demon who devours men and tears their hearts into peices You shake me, and I collapse I can't stop screaming "Why are you doing this to me? I do this on and on and on I crave your touch, no matter how much you manage to abuse, damage me, without any love I see your eyes start to change their color I better run for cover You laugh like it's all fun and games as if my heart was meaningless You turn and, just walk away I can't stop screaming "Why are you doing this to me?

Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Vixx lyrics. Watch official video, print (Uh uh)[Hyuk]I need therapy, lalalalala therapy (x 3) [HongBin]Algo tto.
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If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Vixx On And On lyrics. Post my meaning Write my explanation new To explain lyrics, select line or word and click "Explain".

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i need therapy vixx

VIXX - On and On (?? ??? ? ??) [Hangul/Romanization/English] Color & Picture Coded HD

VIXX-On & On


VIXX On and On (?? ??? ? ??)






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    VIXX (??) - On and On. ??? ? ????. ? ??? ? ????. ?? ??? ? ??? ? ??? ???. ? ?? ?? ? ?? ??? ? ??. I need therapy.

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    (uh uh) I need therapy, Lalalalala therapy ? ???? ? ?? ??? ? ??. We back again now. This is VIXX, Attention Cuz I have been.

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