Meteo protezione civile aosta

Monte Herban or Erban

meteo protezione civile aosta

Il bollettino meteo e elaborato dall'Ufficio meteorologico del Centro ultime ore nelle principali localita della Valle d'Aosta: in particolare, sono seguito al passaggio della competenza dal Dipartimento Protezione Civile alla.

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Home France Italy Slovenia Regions Italian regions are Provinces The Italian provinces are distributed in all regions apart from the Aosta Valley where the region also carries out the responsibilities of the provincial administration. Municipalities The Italians municipalities are 8, The municipalities are the third level of the administrative division of the country. The biggest municipalities can be further divided into smaller units districts, regions, territories.

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Skip to main content. Description : The project will improve and integrate instruments to support the management of environmental resources in alpine areas, in particular water.

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Mountain rescuers, firefighters and other emergency services worked through the night to move people to safety. No injuries were reported, though torrents of mud caused damage to property, swamped parked cars and blocked roads. Severe hailstorm in Bolzano, north Italy this afternoon, August 6th. Report: Laica Monica Muccio pic. Parts of the Lombardy region have been put on orange alert for further flood risks today, while a swathe of the north stretching across Piedmont, Lombardy, Valle D'Aosta, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto are on lower yellow alert. Meanwhile, at the other end of the country, parts of Sicily were forecast to swelter at 41 degrees C on Wednesday.

Mitigation of natural risks through improved forecasting of extreme meteorological events. Extreme meteorological events originate in one part of the Alps and proceed over or along the alpine crest. The forecasting of these events is limited by the lack of structured communication between the weather services in these areas and the lack of online available data before and during these events. Extreme weather conditions are an increasing thread for the living conditions in the Alps due to the Climate Change, which in the Alps is most predominantly visible in the frequency of floods, storms, avalanches and dry and hot periods which can cause forest fires. The preparedness of the population and the decision making authorities needs an improvement in the sense of problem understanding, consequences to be taken in extreme situation and general adaptation to the needs of a changed environment concerning tourist activities, use of the landscape and transport possibilities in the case of interrupted traffic connections. The collaboration between the different weather services has been significantly improved, as very different software techniques within the services had been harmonized to a high degree.





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