La provincia di bergamo

Storia di Bergamo

la provincia di bergamo

The Province of Bergamo is a province in the Lombardy region of Italy. It has a population of Bergamo Palazzo Map Other, smaller but important valleys include the Valle Imagna, the Val di Scalve, the Val Serina, and the Val.

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Salta la navigazione principale. The Council is an independent body, it is formed by 36 members Consiglieri elected for five-year terms by the citizens. The councillors politically represents the whole Province, that's why one of their main task is to keep always in contact with the citizens. The council chooses its president and its vice president within its members. It has its own budget; it oversees the activities of the Executive Council and examines issues of importance to the citizens. The Council can also form a certain number of Council Committees to help with the Council activities and to speed up its work. The Committees examine Council proposals, prepare regulation outlines, ask for the President's, executive councillors' or other people's participation to the committee meeting.

Indirizzi Comuni Provincia di Bergamo

It has a population of 1,, , an area of 2, Its capital is the city of Bergamo., Storia di Bergamo e del suo territorio.

Province of Bergamo

Per segnalare aggiunte o correzioni da effettuare sulla scheda della provincia di Bergamo, inviaci un'email. Indirizzi Comuni Provincia di Bergamo. Comune di Alzano Lombardo via G. Mazzini, n. Comune di Barbata Via V.







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