Der himmel soll warten lyrics

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der himmel soll warten lyrics

Translation of 'Der Himmel soll warten' by Sido from German to English.

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Another day is gone When the sun lays itself to sleep afar Certainty I have won For some matters and some problems I cared. I formed lifelines today again I formed them here in time And what is to amend, well Tomorrow we define. And different ways to go Is much harder than to rest in the known But after gone so far It feels pleasant to return to your home. And gone is just another day And gone is just a year I make my final resume The next day is near. You cannot stem the tide Savour your life that you are given Savour all days, savour all nights Cause any flower will be fading You cannot stem the tide. Every single day has 24 hours Every single life has limited days Every single time can shine in all colours So we should decide what we wanna be.

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Wolfgang Ambros is an Austrian singer-songwriter , most famously known for setting the then-new trend in the s known now as Austropop. His most famous songs are " Schifoan ", " Es lebe der Zentralfriedhof " and " Zwickt's mi ". Many Austrian skiersóbut also many othersóknow the lyrics of this song. His musical styles are pop-rock and sometimes blues -elements. His first LP Es lebe der Zentralfriedhof was very controversial, because many critics accused him of copying and plagiarizing Georg Danzer. His latest album Steh grod is very successful. Also since Ambros has sung at live concerts with his band No.

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Essentially a German Eminem -- a comparison that extends far past the color of their skin -- rapper Sido ran afoul of legislators, parents, and good taste via graphic lyrics trafficking in misogyny, violence, and sex. The track "Arschificksong" -- a grim and exploitative portrait of an abusive sexual encounter -- nevertheless brought Sido to the attention of Germany's Federal Office for Media Harmful to Young Persons, although the song was not added to their index of obscene or dangerous materials. The ensuing controversy inevitably vaulted Sido to greater media renown, setting the stage for his sophomore effort, Ich, issued in late

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Wolfgang Ambros



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