Best of roger american dad

best of roger american dad

Best of Roger Smith - Season 2

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Roger is one of the main characters in the animated comedy series American Dad! He is a space alien whose appearance resembles that of the greys living with the Smith family. Roger is sarcastic, surly, amoral, self-centered, hedonistic, alcoholic, and dresses up in a variety of personas. Four years prior to the series, he was incarcerated by the CIA in Area 51 , when Stan Smith, then an intelligence officer, was on duty at the base. Tired of living in a laboratory, he escaped his holding cell, thus triggering a lockdown investigation. Stan tracked him down in a kitchen and was about to kill him before Roger pleaded for mercy, but the security team threw a grenade into the room, from which Stan was knocked out and Roger pulled Stan to safety. They slid down a laundry chute into a waiting truck.

The early episodes of American Dad! Since he was an alien and Stan was forcing him to stay in the house, he just drank wine and watched TV. However, as soon as the writers figured out they could put him in disguises that would fool every character outside the Smith family, he became arguably the funniest character on the show. Guest Stars, Ranked. Roger has had a ton of disguises, from one-offs that only appear in a single episode to returning disguises from a few episodes that have basically become recurring characters on the series. This is the college professor persona that Roger tries out alongside Francine as his wife Amanda Lane to impress some art types while Stan, Steve, and Hayley are away at a refugee camp in Africa.

Occupations Con Artist, Soldier. Roger The Alien Quotes. Roger The Alien Character. Portrayed by Seth MacFarlane. Total quotes 32 [to a recorder]

If you are looking for episodes where Roger is the main plot focus, I would suggest: "The Scarlett Getter” S7:E6 "A Pinata Name Desire” S6:E
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Roger Smith of American Dad may be the most brutally honest character on television. He has essentially no filter, saying whatever viciously cruel things pop into his head. Note: this is the episode in which Francine tries to make Roger a better person, but it turns out Roger actually needs to insult people in order to live. I say that not out of anger but simply as a fact. This was another great episode for Roger insults, landing two in the top 5. Francine, Courteney Cox played a chef on Friends. Your cooking is as bad as her acting!

Roger decides to dress up as an older lady on vacation for the first time since her husband died. As Abigail Lemonparty—nobody look it up, and thanks for the awful Internet joke American Dad—Roger hits it off with an older man who just lost his wife. This was a really funny character to watch. She gets dumped, but then Roger gets even. Just her name alone gets a nod on this list. Stan makes Roger move to the basement so that his mother can live in the attic. In order to get his attic back, Roger creates Tom Yabo.


Roger the Alien on American Dad! - Roger Smith is a fictional character in the adult animated sitcom American Dad! The character was created and designed by Seth MacFarlane.




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    Roger's disguises on American Dad are without a doubt one of the best aspects of the show. He's been everything from Lord of the Rings's Gollum to a Bond.

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    15 Brutal Insults From Roger Smith of ‘American Dad’

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    The 10 Most Shocking And Hilarious Roger The Alien Moments | BabbleTop

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    With so many new series popping up on streaming services and DVD, it gets harder and harder to keep up with recent shows, much less the all-time classics.

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