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'Blood' Runs Deep: A Look Inside Gregg Allman's Final Studio LP

gregg allman southern

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Trigger Reviews 29 Comments. They were one of those bands where if you somehow erased their legacy from the history books, the entire makeup of music would be completely different than it is today, and in gravely adverse ways. The band has been such a proving ground and farm system, and spawned so many other bands and artists over the years, the music was still out there and in so many different incarnations and side projects that it would be impossible for the amps to stop carrying the echo of their indelible Southern harmonies. The Allman Brothers Band was like its own genre. And after the tragic passing of his brother Duane, Gregg Allaman was the patriarch of it all. Until he was gone. Gregg Allman knew his time was finite.

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Don Was discovered he was hired as the producer for the final Gregg Allman studio album the same way many of us did -- he found out about it in the news. It was a trip. He began the seeding process for the LP by sending Allman and his guitarist Scott Sharrard a collection of mixtapes containing songs he had selected for the former Allman Brothers Band frontman to sing on the album. The character in that song very much reminded me of him. And they talked about hanging out, writing songs and collaborating.

In , Gregg Allman visited a doctor in New York. The doctor sent him straight to the hospital, where Allman learned that he had a recurrence of liver cancer. The news was bleak: The disease was terminal. He was told he had 12 to 18 months to live. The Southern rock legend did not despair. And to me that was strange. If they had told me that, I would've gone into straight shock.

Southern Blood is the eighth and final studio album by American singer-songwriter Gregg Allman , released on September 8, by Rounder Records. Following the release of his seventh album, Low Country Blues , Allman continued to tour and released a memoir, My Cross to Bear , in However, that same year, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. His output and schedule in the intervening years gradually slowed, and Southern Blood , recorded in March , became his final album. The set is heavy on covers, including songs originally performed by Bob Dylan , the Grateful Dead , Tim Buckley and Jackson Browne , who guests on the album's final song, " Song for Adam ".

Gregg Allman's final album, 'Southern Blood,' is a brilliant commentary on leaving the world

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A tenaciously eloquent farewell from the hard-living soul man. Armed with that knowledge, Allman approached the project with particular care. He decided to work at FAME in Muscle Shoals , where his brother Duane had established himself as a force to be reckoned with during sessions for Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and others in , and where the nascent Allman Brothers Band had honed its sound in early rehearsals a year later. And he wanted to be joined in the studio by his eight-piece road band, not only because he was eager to showcase them in the recording environment but also because he knew that no other players could possibly be as empathetic and supportive. The members of the Gregg Allman Band were his last set of brothers. But the album was another dimension as well.


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