Mattarella alle fosse ardeatine

Europe starts WWI centenary commemorations

mattarella alle fosse ardeatine

Il Presidente Mattarella rende omaggio alle Fosse Ardeatine

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A look at the Eternal City - its history, its people, its art and architecture, its curiosities. Today's photos:. The monument at the entrance to the Fosse Ardeatine. Via Rasella where the partisan attack took place. Regina Coeli prison seen from the Janiculum hill. The entrance to the caves.

Sergio Mattarella Italian pronunciation: [srdo mattarlla]; born 23 July is an Italian politician and laywer who has been the 12th President of Italy since 3 February He was a member of Parliament from to , serving as Minister of Education from to and as Minister of Defence from to Later, in , he became a judge on the Constitutional Court. Early life Sergio Mattarella was born in Palermo of a prominent Sicilian family. His father, Bernardo Mattarella, was an anti-fascist who, alongside Alcide De Gasperi and other prominent Catholic politicians, was one of the founders of the Christian Democracy DC party that dominated the Italian political scene for almost fifty years, with Bernardo serving as a minister several times. During his youth, Sergio Mattarella was a member of Azione Cattolica, a large Catholic lay association. He graduated in law at the University La Sapienza in Rome; after a few years he started teaching Parliamentary procedure at the University of Palermo.

Skip to main content. Dear Readers,. President Sergio Mattarella, who assumed office in February as the 12th President of Italy , was born in Palermo Sicily some 73 years ago. One of his first acts, as newly elected President, was an unexpected visit to the Memorial Cemetery and National Monument Fosse Ardeatine in Rome, where in , the Nazi occupation troops killed over Italian civilians. His intention was to send a clear message of unity and resistance against the forces of terror and tyranny.

Every year, on the anniversary of the slaughter and in the presence of the senior officials of the Italian Republic , a solemn state commemoration is held at the monument in honour of the fallen. Each year, names are called out, a simple seemingly endless roll call of the dead, to reinforce that discrete individuals symbolise a collective entity. In July , the Allies landed on the island of Sicily, preparing to invade the mainland, and Rome was bombed for the first time. On 24 July, the Fascist Grand Council , which the dictator Benito Mussolini had not convened since , met and overwhelmingly voted no confidence in Mussolini. The following day, anxious to extricate his country from an unsustainable war, King Victor Emanuel III , the titular head of the Italian government and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces under Mussolini, appointed Marshal Pietro Badoglio to head a new military government. He then ordered his gendarmerie , the Carabinieri , to arrest and imprison Mussolini.

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Do you want to remove all your recent searches? For You Explore., In , he became an elected judge on the Constitutional Court. His brother Piersanti , former President of Sicily was a victim of the mafia.

Sergio Mattarella OMRI, OMCA is an Italian politician, lawyer and academic serving as the 12th . His first presidential visit was on the day of his election, when he visited the Fosse Ardeatine where, in during World War II, the Nazi .. "Mattarella: "Il pensiero va alle difficolta e alle speranze dei nostri concittadini" ".
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