Deutsch lernen extra auf deutsch abschnitt 3

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deutsch lernen extra auf deutsch abschnitt 3

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Earlier today, I was looking through youtube when I found "Extr " an program orgianally brodcasted on channel 4 on British TV, for people willing to learn German. Sam has came to practise his poor German. It's quite funny with an easy rate of speach. Links follow. I've watched the whole series twice. Oooh I still didn't delete some of these from my hard drive! I'll put episode in my dropbox folder and link here when it's uploaded.

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Do any allow subtitles? I'm overwhelmed by the choice of channels we seem to have here. Can someone advise what a beginner might be best watching? For example, for learners of English I'd strongly recommend the BBC or perhaps Sky news for quality or simplicity of vocabulary. I've discovered Nicholodeon that does cartoons so am watching this channel with my 7 month old son in the hope we'll pick up the intonation and a few words.

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