Black flag 992 422

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag treasure map 992, 422 Principe

black flag 992 422

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Treasure Principe, 992, 422

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Post a Comment. Tuesday, 14 January Posted by Unknown File under : ac4 , assassins creed 4 , guide , locations , treasure chest. Before you're able to dig any of the treasures, you must have the treasure map with you or else the dig option won't show. The chests contain upgrade plans and also money. The following are the treasure locations a long with their rewards and where you can find the corresponding treasure maps. Chest 1.

Treasure maps can be collected from cadavers scattered around the game. These maps lead to other locations where the buried treasure chest is located. If you reached an area with a buried treasure, the game will notify you about it. You don't need any tools to dig up the chest; just head to the exact spot as indicated in the map until you get a prompt to dig. For the screenshots of the exact map and treasure locations, refer to the Locations section of the guide.

A Map of the Hidden Chest Locations. There are 19 maps that can be found in the single-player game and three maps that can be acquired through Kenway's Fleet. These maps will lead you to secret Buried Chests that will often have riches and Plans that you can use to unlock the elite upgrades to your ship weapons. Keep in mind that you must have the map for a treasure first before you can go dig up the chest. The maps can be found by looking at your in-game map. The chart below tells you where to go to find the map, then exactly where the Hidden Chest is, and, finally, what Plan is in each chest. You must have the map to be able to find the chest.

These treasure maps are located throughout the islands Edward Kenway explores in game. Here is a guide for finding and using these maps , but if you just want to know the locations of the chest, here's the quick and dirty. Note: If you want to find these buried chests, you will first need the corresponding treasure maps. This chest can be found on a small island on the southern most tip of the Andreas Island. This chest contains the plans for the Elite Harpoon and 3, Reales. This chest is located in Misteriosa, northeast of the viewpoint and near a pool. This chest is found on Salt Lagoon towards the end of the island that has a large rock at the end.

The map is in the Eastern part of the restricted area, in the hollowing. To reach it, you need to dive and swim along the underwater tunnels. The treasure can be found in the fort on Principe. On the North side of this location, you will find two gun batteries and the square towards past them. The treasure is past the second tower, on the cliff's edge, next to the rocks. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Buried Chest Locations







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